Le Mökki des Fontaines : a laboratory of shared autonomy

Consume less to live better? Being autonomous to reduce your carbon footprint? Live the autonomy & circular economy with us!

Project visual Le Mökki des Fontaines : a laboratory of shared autonomy
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Le Mökki des Fontaines : a laboratory of shared autonomy

Suomenkielinen käännös


In 2018, I initiated self-building of an eco-house in the heart of nature. I would love to share the history of this site with you all the way back to 1855 but it would be a little too long (here it is though).

What you need to know is this little pasture may only have value in the eyes of the people who frequently have visited or been there (a little video from 1980) :-)

My goals are to reconnect with nature and create a place as integrated as possible. Following the principles of permaculture, I first had to work with a geobiologist to establish an Energy Map of the site:

Afterwards, I worked with my architect (find him here) to elaborate a building with eco-friendly materials by trying to leave the smallest possible footprint on the site and with a concept allowing me as an apprentice self-builder to construct all of this with my own hands.

I’ll let you browse the technical details in our FB group and of course discover the site during open days 2019 (refer to the rewards on the funding below).

Today, we have reached the lockup stage for the building and the project gained some media coverage in November (TV Report RTC)

Allocation of funds

Suomenkielinen käännös

How will the funding help?


“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the forest is at once a laboratory, a club and a temple.” Lord Baden Powell


To be completely transparent (now that we know each other), my initial idea was to create my refuge, my own little place for me far away from the consumerist civilization.

However, as I learned about the transition movement, I realized that we would only be able to create a new model for society together and by looking towards the future.

For this part of the presentation, I surrounded myself with a great team (You can meet them here)!



A Club:

Because we will have awesome times there. With friends, family, children and adults. You will also soon be able to come stroll around and discover the wilderness in between two chemical plants, one nuclear plant and 1 black powder factory (for real but a good 10 km/6 miles from the site).


A Temple:

Because nature is sacred, and we feel so small and so strong at the same time when immersed in it. A reconnection to the Earth and to ourselves is essential in a disconnected society. 

At a professional level, I already organize individual coaching sessions for my clients on site. In the future, some sessions of Shinrin-Yoku (forest therapy in Japanese culture) will see the light of day.


A Laboratory:

This is where you come in!

With you, I wish to create a place of sharing, experimenting

and transmission to change the world.


With your contributions, I would like to create:


  • A greenhouse in which we would develop an aquaponic system to cultivate vegetables and other exciting things (which would allow us to  welcome schools and groups…).
  • A Biogas unit (either DIY or purchase this model) so that we will be able to recycle green waste, produce gas to cook and collect liquid fertilizer.
  • A production and electrical storage unit (in partnership with professionals eager to test and then offer this type of standalone units to their clients). I have received requests to work on this specific project.


All of that we will be able to with the minimum of 10,000 €, but with your help, we will reach 20,000 € to be able to:

  • Create a water cycle: 
    • Coring in order to recover the spring (a water dowser and a geobiologist have discovered a crossing of water lines 10 meters underground.)
    • Water storage using tanks
    • Limited water usage (dry toilet and water saving shower).In partnership with Epuval, we will create a pond where plants will filter waterWater for the greenhouse and watering cultivated grounds.
  • Install a new-generation wood-burning stove to cook, heat the building and produce hot water. 

And if we exceed the 20,000€ (I dare you!) :

  • Create a forest garden.
  • Renovate the old shed to create a wood workshop (which would allow me to build tools, coffee workshop,…)
  • Purchase 200 hectares of forests around Mökki to create a sacred site and reconstruct a primary forest (Winner of Euromillions, come assist us!!!)


It is now your turn. Thank you for your support and looking forward to make this site a place of gathering, shared knowledge and build a new world.

For your information, 8% of the income will be due to KisskissBankBank (5% commission and 3% for the methods of payment).


Final words with Brieuc (my son, en français), Elina (his cousin, in english) and Sofia (my goddaughter, suomeksi).

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