Le Neveu

A short film about coming of age.

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Le Neveu


Bourgogne, 1945, an uncle takes his nephew, Louis, to a brothel in order for him to "become a man". Through the evening's bittersweet encounters, Louis discovers the adult world in all its complexity and cruelty.



Preparing the shoot took three months of intense pre-production which involved: casting, crewing, and location recces. We were lucky to find capable actors and technicians who wanted to be a part of this project and who were willing to dedicate their time and effort to making it happen.


Our search for period locations took us to Bourgogne where we found suitable locations.

We shot for a week between the towns of Noyers-sur-Serein and L'Isle-sur-Serein in September 2016. During that week, our cast and crew, as well as local residents gave us the support needed to pull off this project.


We also made the regional paper!!! :)




Since the start of the project, our principal goal has been to make a film which we ourselves would like to see and which, we hope, other people would like to see as well.







Who are we?

Wilhelm Kuhn (Co-Producer / Screenwriter / Director)



Wilhelm is French filmmaker who was born and raised in Paris. He graduated in politics and economics at the prestigious Institut d’Études Politiques in Lille, before studying cinematography and film-directing for 3 years at the London Film School. While still being a student, Wilhelm worked in the post-production teams of the feature film "Taken 2" (dir: Olivier Megaton, 2012) as well as French public service broadcaster France Televisions. For his graduation film, he wrote and directed "The Porter Brothers": a western set in Arkansas but shot in Auvergne, France, showcasing his taste for larger-than-life storytelling and fierce characters. 


Ahmed El Lozy (Co-Producer / Director of Photography)



Ahmed El Lozy was born in Cairo to an Egyptian-Syrian family. At 19, he was hired as 2nd Assistant Director on Yousry Nasrallah's “Geneinet El Asmak” (Aquarium). In the following years, he worked as an assistant for several directors, most notably Mariam Abou OufAhmad Abdalla, and Tamer El Said.

In 2010, he travelled to Prague where he directed a short film entitled "Nocni Smena" (Night Shift) before deciding to return to Cairo following the January 2011 uprising. Upon his return, he got a job as a Video Journalist for Al-Masry Al-Youm. It was while filming the Tahrir riots of winter 2011-2012 that he decided to become a cameraman. In 2014, he moved to London to pursue a Masters in Filmmaking at the London Film School where he specialised in cinematography.

Ahmed is now based between Paris, Strasbourg, and Cairo.


Cécile Grélot-Invernizzi (Line Producer):



After graduating from the Paris Institute of Political Studies, Cécile spent 20 years working as a business director for leading companies in the IT industry such as GFIHPCSCAccenture.

She has also worked in customer relation for Teleperformance and Zendesk. At 50, she co-founded ARC TCE, a firm specialised in building renovation. She previously worked as executive producer on "The Porter Brothers", also directed by Wilhelm Kuhn.

Since September 2016, she has started a professional qualification in artistic woodworking at the La Bonna Graine school in order to develop her creativity and know-how in the field. She hopes to make use of these new skills in her decorating and renovation projects, as well as in film production design.

Allocation of funds

In order to do justice to the film and convincingly re-create the period, we've had to pour all of our available financial ressources. To finish the film, we still need to do the post-production and that is where we need your help.


Where will the money go?

- Recording the original soundtrack: 1500€

- Sound mixing: 800€

- Special FX: 300€

- Color Grading: 400€


Any additional funds will help us finance the film's festival submissions


Other Ways you can help us:

If you're short of money but still want to help our project, you can do so by spreading the word about us on your social media networks and amongst your friends. This will help bring us closer to our objective which is to present to you the best film possible.




If you'd like to know more about us and the project, go to our Facebook page where you'll find photos as well as the latest updates about the film.

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