Le "PercuSpace" Resta-Jay Percussions

Finance the space to percussionists with possibility to try and create mallets, record some videos and participate at masterclasses / concerts !

Project visual Le "PercuSpace" Resta-Jay Percussions
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Le "PercuSpace" Resta-Jay Percussions

We want to create a space dedicated to percussionists, with the possibility for them to try hundreds of mallets on different instruments but also to register their projects, participate in masterclass or to intimate concerts.




This space, the first of its kind in France with a surface of  55m2 approximately , include percussion instruments (vibraphone, marimba, timpani, drums ...), mallets, chairs, lighting, video and audio capture system.






The PercuSpace will be the means for professionals or students percussionists to have on site all the percussion instruments, they will be able to play, test  mallets corresponding to their personalities, try, compare, share ... test their program with different possibilities. Then it will be a place of creation and experimentation to enable them to work with the studio to create custom tools suited to their needs. The custom-made, and the relationship artist / artisan at hand.





Once equipped, the space will help to democratize the percussion receiving children and why not adults, who can discover the great family of percussion instruments.




The world of percussion is very wide, it is difficult for percussionists to have a place equipped with instruments to make their own videos, indispensable in internet communications, today unavoidable ... it will be the third goal to this project. Without pretending to create a recording studio, we want to offer musicians a place where they will have the minimum equipment to design their videos. They will be able to design their own communication tools.




And finally, this space regularly host masterclass, where anyone can interact with the most talented musicians. These educational and artistic exchanges will also be punctuated with "intimate" concerts  where about 30 people can enjoy a musical moment of exception ... This is the way for young artists to perform in small groups to test or promote their projects. For students to discover the greatest percussionists, with which the company works, in a warm and friendly place.





In short, a place dedicated to musicians and particularly percussionists, and finish with quality tools to work and create in good conditions, with ease and at a very affordable ...


We set our goal to 5500 € minimum. And so, with joy, the amount was exceeded we could invest more in the audio recording equipment and video, new musical instruments, furniture and invite great artists faster!


The strengths of the project: 1.Localization: Located in Verzé, in the south of Burgundy, the access is easy from anywhere in Europe. It is a nerve center. Dsc_1703-1461594080


10 min from the TGV station of Mâcon Loche, less than an hour from Lyon by car, less than 2 hours from Geneva and 1h30 from Paris by TGV (4 hours by car). The motorway exit is also about 10 minutes ... The proximity to Macon makes easy access to everything a city can provide.



2. Economy Housing and food are very affordable. What is good for students. The equipment of the space will be of good quality without being a professional studio, which will make it very accessible.


3. The artistic connections The Resta-Jay company  is now working with tens of thousands of percussionnists all over the world. It will be very easy to put the network musicians to create projects, support or advice that everyone can make.


Resta-Jay percussions Signatures Artists :



4. The equipment already partly present The workshop already has a small room equipped with a 5 octave marimba, vibraphone, drums and some other percussion. All these instruments will be transferred into the new space to allow a substantial saving. In addition, construction (structure) will be financed upstream, so we need only your support for the equipment space.




5. Creating Live This space will be juxtaposed with the manufacturing workshop, making easy the Mallets prototyping work, creating and finding new sounds. Tailor-made for any enthusiast who wants!





Who are we ?


Discover the compagny, www.resta-percussions.com


Resta-Jay Percussions is a small company where human relationships and the quality of listening, advice and maintaining a knowledge are at the center. Its production of mallets exported to more than 50% to 120 countries worldwide. Customers are of all levels and from different backgrounds: Professional musicians, students, conservatories and music schools, associations, but also many large international orchestras and soloists. The role of business is to summarize the artist approach to recreate in his mallets and ensure the adaptation of each product within each personality so that percussionists can let their creativity speak freely.


Three people make manufacturing:





Emmanuel, director of the company, began percussion and drums at the age of 6. Passionate about music, graduated in classical percussion and military-drum master, he taught drums and percussion for over 10 years and has written a drums method. Meanwhile, he played in different formations, including the Air Force Orchestra in Dijon. In 2009, he took over from Pierre-François Resta at the head of the company Resta Percussions. Since then the company has developed its offer, won numerous awards and has been labeled "Living Heritage Company" in 2014. In 2015, Emmanuel organized the 1st International Meeting of Percussion in Verzé with more than 15 international soloists for concerts, masterclass and meetings involving a public who came from 9 different countries.





Audrey is the last person coming to the adventure. Her training and experience in different areas bring the company new skills. Having followed training in "French companions", she was awarded a bronze medal as best apprentice in upholstery and created her own company before joining Resta-Jay team.




Cyril is working since 7 years with Emmanuel. Also graduated in percussion, he taught for over 15 years in various music schools and also made a career in the Air Force Orchestra of Dijon. His experience as a musician and teacher is fundamental in the company. Alongside his mallets maker work, Cyril always teaches percussion and directs several formations, harmonies and percussion ensemble.


Allocation of funds

The funding will be dedicated to the layout of the space. It will include the minimum equipment for making quality sound and shooting as well as the acoustic treatment of the space. If the target is exceeded, these will be revised upwards and we will add instruments, equipment for the reception, for the lighting systems and a superior finish.





- Acoustic Processing

Cost: 2000€ Minimum




- Recording system (Zoom H4, microphones ...)

Cost:  760€ minimum starting




- Video capture -System (minimum 2 shots)

Cost:  690€ minimum starting




- Lighting system :

Cost:  550€ minimum starting




-The chairs

Cost: 410€


-Finish, Painting ...

Cost: 600€


-Ensure the expenses of the crowdfunding (counterparties, postage platform Kiss Kiss Bank Bank = 8% VAT in the amount of its collection when it is successful.) Cost:  400€


-If We exceed our goal, the investment will be in the addition of new instruments and a higher recording system, improving the overall service, home faster artists ... Here are the different points to cover: Additional instruments (Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Timpani and others ...) adapted sound system, Lighting system , recording ... -The Finishing places -The Securing of premises and access to space (door with panic opening, lighting emergency exit, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, ramp ...)


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Estimated delivery: December 2016

A big "THANK YOU" and your name in the list of our valued donors on our facebook page and in local + the great pleasure to have contributed to our project! + 1 Key Chain !
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Estimated delivery: December 2016

A big "THANK YOU" and your name in the list of our valued donors on our facebook page and in local + the great pleasure to have contributed to our project + 1 poster + 1 Jean GEOFFROY Double Disc "BACH-Sonates and Partitas"
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