Le retour de la vigne en Île-de-France - The return of vines in Île-de-France

Help us to produce the first wine made from 100% grapes coming from the region of Paris by financing one grape vine for 15 € or more !

Project visual Le retour de la vigne en Île-de-France - The return of vines in Île-de-France
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Le retour de la vigne en Île-de-France - The return of vines in Île-de-France



The participation in this community funded project created by Adrien and Julien will allow the financing of the first professional vineyard in the region of Paris (L'Île-de-France).



In 2015, Adrien and Julien created Winerie Parisienne, the first producers of Wine in Paris.  In 2016, they vinified grapes coming from some of the greatest terroirs in France in their urban winery.  In 2017, they crossed a new stage in becoming the first wine growers in the region of Paris, L'Île-de-France, by planting a 3 hectare vineyard in the plains of Versailles.




Our story began two years ago with a meeting between Adrien (left) and Julien (right). 




Both have known each other since university. After college, Adrien studied as a sommelier at University of Adelaide in Barossa Valley and then in management of wine operations in Sonoma, California. He then traveled to South Africa before working in business development in Asia. Julien has been a passionate wine enthusiast for a long time. After studying management, Julien embarked in the world of media and tech.  


Adrien and Julien found each other a dozen years later over a ... beer. They shared their travel experiences in the world of wine, old and new. At the same time, they quickly discovered a shared interest in artisanal production and its re-location to the heart of cities, and in particular the "Makers" movement, which was increasingly popular throughout the world with such examples as Brooklyn Brewery and Mast Brothers.  


The diversity of experiences and travels, the richness of their meetings, their paths, and the power of the history of wine making are all foundations and inspiring elements of the project and led them to imagine: Winerie Parisienne.






All started in 2015 in the 11th arrondissement of Paris; we invested in a former printing house where we installed our cellar in which we bottled our first cuvée: Grisant. 




After this exciting start we moved to Montreuil in a larger space to welcome the 2016 harvest. This new winery allowed us to also welcome our customers and visitors into our world and immerse them in the world of wine. The winery transports you to the authentic world of wine with its vintage sorting table, its vats, wine barrels and its bottling line to condition the wines before entering the market. 




Here are some photos: 



We are "urban winemakers" ...  


We crisscross the vineyards of France to select our preferred grape varieties in their adapted climates and terroirs. Thanks to the long-term relationships established with our winegrowing partners, we are able to follow all stages of the vines growth.  Thus, we are present during pruning, all phases of maturation and right up until the organization of the manual harvest in the vineyard.  

Located all throughout the greatest wine regions of France, our partners are all small and medium-sized farms. They work their soils by hand and all place the utmost importance in the preservation of the environment through ethical and/or organic treatment of their vineyards. 




All the grapes are harvested by hand in the vineyards and then transported in small crates to our winery in Paris. The harvest is transported by using thermo-regulated trucks that preserve the integrity and quality of the grapes. Once the harvest is received, the different grape varieties are vinified and aged separately.




We are fortunate to be in the capital of creativity, in this light, we have developed an avant-garde wine making philosophy.    


We decided to develop wines that highlight and value the diversity and richness of the terroirs and vineyards of France. Our oenologist, Julien, selects a diversity of grape varietals from some of the greatest grape growing regions in France to develop new blends.    


These blends aim to create new links between the different regions and grape varietals to invent new tastes, a Parisian signature.






The Paris area viticultural history is milleniary.  Paris was during centuries the number wine producing region in France with more than 40 000 hectares planted with vines until the XIXth.

The Phyloxera devastated the Parisian vineyard and the industrial revolution converted Paris into the center of the wine business in the XXth century.

Paris became the capital of the wine business. The city cellars of Bercy and Saint Bernard were installed along the Seine river to distribute wines selected across France.






In the 60’s the boom of real estate and the improvement of logistics means led to the decline of the cellars and the lost of Paris dominant position in the Wine Business.

The trend is reversed in the anglo-saxon countries. The industry sees the rise « the urban wineries ». These organizations offer a new way of producing by importing the grapes from surrounding vineyards and wine regions, processing the wine in a Urban environment closer to the end consumer.




After two years of work, we are lucky enough to be able to plant our vineyard in Yvelines on the plain of Versailles, in the very charming town of Davron, just 30 km from Paris.  


For those who do not know, Davron is located here: 





Our plot lies just south of the village, on the plain. Our rows have southern orientation at an elevation of about 100m on shallow clay soil with a base layer of chalk and limestone. We have ideal conditions to obtain quality grapes from our first harvest.




On May 2017, in this historical department, the evolution of the regulatory system of vines in Europe and climate change has allowed us to reinvent the French wine landscape. Under perfect sunny conditions, we were able to plant 3 hectares in our plot with the support of the of the Île-de-France Chamber of Agriculture and the Department of Yvelines. This is symbolic as the plain of Versailles innaugarated the first professional vineyard of Île-de-France in almost a century.




Here are some photos of the plantation day :



The creation of this new vineyard is a unique opportunity to address key issues for the future of viticulture in France. Concerned with the vivacity of the soil and biodiversity within the vineyard, we plan to combine precision viticulture and traditional savoir-faire to reveal the potential of the terroir and the typicity of the wines while respecting the environment.  


This year we have chosen to plant classic French grape varietals: Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, Pinot Noir and Merlot. The planting of these grape varietals, well known by the general public, in an unexplored wine-growing region will allow the emergence of a new style of wine, with a unique character and a local typicity.  


In this new vineyard, we plan to to produce and market our wines in local distribution networks while developing the wine estate only 20 minutes from the city of Paris ...



This project would never have been possible without the help of a few key people. A large thank you to the whole team for joining our adventure to make this project a reality.  


- Julien Brustis: Technical Director and Oenologue.

- Amandine Delaunay: Artistic Director and Illustrator.


Julien Brustis




Julien Brustis winemaking philosophy has been influenced by 8 years working in various vineyards around the globe. Before joining Winerie Parisienne in Paris, he worked in classified growth of Bordeaux such as Chateau Latour Martillac and Chateau Angélus but also with Philippe Melka at Brand Napa Valley and in Corsica. He graduated from the Oenology university of Bordeaux and got an agrinomical engineer degree.


Julien’s background allies tradition and modernity in the winemaking process. Various experiences in France and New World high quality wineries and terroirs inspire Julien’s philosophy. He focuses on detail oriented wines with an open minded and creative spirit.


At Winerie Parisienne, he reveals the potential of each grape variety selected and handpicked all around France to create special blended cuvees.

Allocation of funds



Since the beginning of our adventure, we have been engaging our community throughout all the stages of the design of our project. It therefore seemed natural to us to use this same collaborative method to finance investments related to the creation of a vineyard.  

In our eyes, it is also a convivial way to make the most of the renewal of viticulture and vineyards in the Île de France and build upon this community.  

We have imagined the vineyard as an open and inviting place that we want to share with the residents of Ile-de-France because the vineyard is both part of their history and their heritage. We want to let visitors know what Paris is to us; a world that reinvents itself, in services, industry and even in agriculture!   Our motivation is matched only by our passion, and it is only with your help that we can fullfil our dream and revitalize the culture of wine in the region of Paris.




We decided to design our wine estate from A to Z over a period of 3 years. Therefore, we need to make a number of investments in our vineyards and cellar.   


To explain the order of magnitude, the average cost per hectare of  plantation is 20 000 €, the maintenace after planting is 5 000 € / ha / year and it will then be necessary to invest largely in constructing a winery and equiping the winery which will allow us to develop our wines.  


The aim of this campaign is to help lay the basic foundation blocks and finance the vineyard equipment necessary for the maintenance of the vines and the soil.


Specifically, we need to finance:  


- The vines: 25 000 €

- The stakes and markers: 15 000 €

- A tractor to work between the rows: 50 000 €

- Specific agricultural equipment for the maintenance of the soil: 10 000 €


… And that’s just the beginning !  


Thanks to your donations we will be able to consolidate our financing plan so that together we can make this project a reality and a success.




We offer partners various rewards in exchange for the funding that is provided. The idea is not only to make a donation, it is above all that you share this project with us, and that you can help us communicate our message and dream as much as possible on the social networks around you and to help bring to life the community aspects that this project encompasses. 




Thank you in advanced, thank you for being here with us, thank you for participating in the adventure. We will find each other in 2020 for the first harvest of Ile-de-France, and in 2021 for the first bottles!





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