Le Sacre de l'Été

Support youth by co-producing The Rite of Summer, a poetic, humorous and innovative movie!

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Le Sacre de l'Été

''Kostia, a young Parisian dancer, tries to put on a show reuniting his two passions: Dance and French Variété. The relationship he builds with his dance teacher will help him accept his own sexuality.'' 'The Rite of Summer' is a bold and wicked comedy drawing an hymn to life and freedom.


With their second feature, FPC Production aspires to create art films both young and dynamic. The Rite of Summer will be the result of it's collaboration with new artists, actors, movie makers, but also dancers, choreographers, painters, or musicians.


Inspired by the lives of Nijinsky and Isadora Duncan, the project tells the story of a marginal choreographer looking for his own identity. With the themes of dance and homosexuality, The Rite of Summer aspires to tell a story both touching and universal





Behind the project:


Adrien Stoclet

Actor, director, screenwriter

He started acting at a young age. After learning acting at the Court Florent, he enters the group of Térésa Massé, with whom he performs every year since 2011. He is now learning at the Atelier Blanche Salant et Paul Weaver.



Adrien Stoclet will embody Kostia, protagonist of the Rite of Summer


In 2010 he stars in The Name of Love (César of the Best Screenplay) and in TV seriesTiger Lily (Best Series at the TV festival of La Rochelle 2012)

With Briac Ragot, they start working on their own films, two shorts and one mockumentary, before directing their first feature: À Quoi Pense Robinson ?

In 2014 he stars in a short film by Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, directors of Untouchables

In 2016 he co-writes Fantasme(s), with Charles Gebenholtz, and The Rite of Summer with Briac Ragot


Briac Ragot

Director, screenwriter, editor

He directs his first two short films as a self-educated filmmaker at the age of 17, without budget.


12038375_10207970834816986_8851081269791639779_n-1464489816 Briac Ragot will direct The Rite of Summer, his second feature.


By producing movies that avoid mainstream codes, he aspires to a new wave in French cinema, thanks to the use of new themes and insolite stories. 

Living between France and Great Britain, he studies film and media in Edinburgh.

There, he worked on videoclips, promotional videos and a short film with the collective Fat Guy Production.

In 2014 he writes and directs Hyppolite, a mockumentary about a young artist, both touching and vile, dreaming of art and glory.

The year after he directs What's on Robinson's mind ? alongside Adrien Stoclet.

In 2016 he directs Fantasme(s), an original and audacious dream like short film about nostalgia. He then started working on The Rite of Summer.


Charles Gebenholtz

Actor, producer, screenwriter

After his studies, he decides to realise one of his many dreams: study Chinese, which he will do at the prestigious Fudan University of Shanghai. Back in France, in order to finance his projects, he starts working in production and distribution companies, allowing him to sign co-production partnerships with great actors from the Asian, French Eastern European and Israeli market.



Charles Gebenholtz will embody Gonzague, a pervert and manipulative theatre owner.


As an actor, he has been trained by Serge Ridoux, Philippe Peyran Lacroix, before he joined the Atelier Blanche Salant and Paul Weaver.

On stage, he worked with Philippe Peyran Lacroix himself at the Théâtre de la Pépinière for the show CUT UP. He acted in several short and two feature films, in which he played various parts like a gay detective, a depressive trader, a romantic dreamer or a paranoiac cop. In 2016 he starts FPC Production with Briac Ragot and Adrien Stoclet in order to produce projects he cares about. As a dancer, he is a member of one of the Salsabor Chacha and Salsa company. He will go on a tour in Paris and around France this Summer.


Allocation of funds

FPC Production needs you to be able to finance it's new project. By supporting this project you will support art films by guaranteeing the artist's independence. For the Rite of Summer to see the light of day, we need funds.


Collected money will help us rent material, costumes, locations necessary to the project. We need all the resources we can have to obtain the rights to the songs used in the film and support the musicians involved. Music is the soul of a movie, and we want it to take the audience in our world


Our objective is to reach 7000€ of budget.

Collected money will also help us to cover the costs of make-up, transports, and other accessories  to allow us to shoot in the best condition possible to obtain the best result possible, making the finished product both professional and entertaining.


Only you can make this project possible. Any help is welcome! Share! Producing is not the only way to help!  If you are intrigued by the project, don't hesitate to share with your friends, colleagues and families!


The more the merrier!

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