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BioSourced SavOsec !

2 years after the successful launch of SavOsec, we are continuing this project to further improve the SavOsec. Our idea is to propose a Biosourced version composed of starch and wood to permanently remove the plastic Finally it looks like ... amber!

Invented in 2017, the SavOsec is this little tripod that keeps your soap safe from moisture. But why did you invent this tool and why is it an ecological object? In recent years, ecological awareness has convinced the most advanced citizens to return to solid soap, we see emerging brands of natural soap that redouble efforts to adapt the solid soap for every circumstance, even now offering shampoos solid.


This return of solid soap, however neglected in the 1980s in favor of liquid soap, is particularly motivated by the accumulation of plastic in natural environments.

But most of all, after relying on the touch and the flattering smell of liquid soaps, consumers ended up decoding the labels, diverting them more and more from this seeming harmlessness.


But if the solid soap has been neglected is that its use had several disadvantages, such as the difficulty of drying it and its speed to melt, especially for the most fragile soaps.

However, once equipped with SavOsec, the soap remains safe from moisture.

So we have a real solution as shown in the video below: This solution was quickly adopted by soap lovers, and relayed by the press.

On France 3

In the magazine Enlarge Your Paris.

And even in Psychologies magazine, more and more present in the environmental debate.

And passionate blogs:

It also received a Bronze medal at the 2017 Lépine invention contest !


Its material, polypropylene is robust, healthy and smooth.

We could have stopped there but in discussions with state-of-the-art plasturgists, we discovered that alternatives to petroleum-based plastics existed. The solution is called PLA for polyacetic acid.

A biodegradable polymer, but specially treated to be stable under the conditions of use of the soap. Far from the oil fields of golf monarchies it comes from the cultivation of corn.

Following an in-depth study we decided to launch this new project. A visit to the factory (located in the suburbs of Orleans) convinced us of its production capacity, and the rigorous quality control it exercises on raw materials.

Then we studied the ideal material for our SavOsec by bringing it closer to existing products.

Our objective ? ZeroZero waste! illustrated by our offer "Bulk" proposed in the counterparties. Everyone is ready for this great adventure. An adventure that can be yours: all you need to do is help us finance the injection mold!



Allocation of funds

Au moyen de ce financement nous pourrons développer un nouveau moule d'injection ainsi que les tests nécessaires à cette nouvelle production.

Le budget de 3500 Euros sera consacré intégralement à ce développement.

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