Le tour du monde à la voile: de l'audace et des initiatives

Apprentis Nomades is the adventure of 3 friends attempting a bold sailing trip marked out with fair, environmental and sportive initiatives

Project visual Le tour du monde à la voile: de l'audace et des initiatives
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Le tour du monde à la voile: de l'audace et des initiatives

Apprentis Nomades is the adventure of 3 friends, Téo, Julien et Norman attempting a bold sailing trip around the world in the purpose to get amazed, find their way and inspire others. The expedition will last three years marked out with fair, environmental and sportive initiatives. Apprentis Nomades will relate their adventures through stories and video documentaries via their website and their Facebook page.




Good friends, knowing each others for 10 years now, we met during our engineering studies. On Christmas 2014, we got really excited by the same crazy idea : to go off a round the world sailing trip, though we hadn't yet the skills to sail on the open sea. We decided to take the bull by the horns and managed to reach the required level to be able to go off.




             Téo                                       Julien                               Norman


                                           Origins of the projects



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                                                     La Julianne



La Julianne is a two masted sailing ship made of steal. She’s 15 tons and 40 feet. The model is a « Little Prince ». She has been designed end of the 80s in France by the shipyard SUBRERO. Strong and spacious, she has been engineered for long distance sailing.

She reaches a modest average speed of 5 to 6 knots (about 8 mph). Thanks to hers heavy conception she can undertake rough weather.

She can host 8 passengers with all the confort that can be expected in a caravan. Fully equipped for an open sea program, she has navigation system, AIS and automatic pilot for the navigation part, solar panels and windmill for energy, 400 liters water tank and 300 liters gasoil tank for the consumables and finally a refrigerator and stove to cook properly.

In short, she is the perfect companion for our trip.





                                    The Apprentis Nomades Association

Created in march 2016, Apprentis Nomades is a non-profit Organization of general interest.

  It aims is to promote solidarity, environmental protection and sports thanks to sailing ;   It works by gathering a community around its actions and values.   Anyone can become a member in order to take part actively in our initiatives.





                                                The Initiatives





Our route will be marked out with fair (social support), environmental and sportive initiatives.   Some of them will be planed long ahead, whereas others will be initiated along the trip.   The aim will be that when we arrive somewhere, we take care of an initiative.   Our initiatives will have to :   - meet a need clearly expressed,   - bring us to surpass ourselves,   - stimulate and unite our growing network   Here are a few examples :

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Here the vidéo of the initiative Sine Saloum Playgroung in partnership with the assocation Voiles Sans Frontières





Here the video of ou initiative Kids Connection in partnership with the primary school of Sangatte.




                                      They talk about us

In the local media:

Article du Nord Littoral

Article de la Voix du Nord


                                   THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!





Allocation of funds

To prepare this adventure, we have invested all our savings and also found some private investors. With this money, we were able to buy our gorgeous boat and built it up in a good condition.


Today, we need you, member of our community, that we could leave in the safest conditions.

Also, with your help, we will be able to achieve relevant projects.



Goal 1: Safety First for 10 000€

Safety equipments:

- emergency beacon GPS : 500€

- Radar display : 1000€

- Satellite phone subscription : 1200€

- Solar panel : 400€

- Batteries : 600€

- Safety anchor: 300€ 


Funding of the next six initiatives: 6000 €


Goal 2 :  to the end of the world for 15 000€:

- A new sail, a genoa to replace our which won't last all the trip : 2000€

- Fundings of the next three initiatives : 3000€


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Estimated delivery: July 2016

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