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Le Trail De France

My project: Participation in a 380km trail. 6 and stages over 6 days. 70km average per day.

Project in two words.

It is interesting because the distance to be covered represents a real sporting challenge and a big personal investment over the whole year. Through this project I surpass myself physically and mentally and it is this surpassing of myself that I want to share with my community. This is an innovative project because it is the first edition of this Trail de France proposed by Trail the World.

Finally this challenge is important for me because precisely it pushes my limits and through its advertising on my networks I see it as a springboard for me to be recognized in the field of sports coaching and the field of trail. The main stages of this project are first the pre-course preparation which for me represents almost a full year (physical, mental, nutritional) and then the race itself. This race is also particularly close to my heart because it ends on my birthplace in Cantal (Lioran). It therefore contributes to the influence of this territory which is very symbolic for me.

My name is Antony, I am 33 years old and I am very passionate about sports, especially running. Running became more and more present in my life after the accident of my father who became quadriplegic, I felt compelled to run for him because he couldn't anymore. Following that I created a marathon of my destiny. Having made my professional career in Ile de France I had the chance to participate and to finish emblematic races on several occasions such as the Marathon, semi de Paris, 10km from Paris, Paris Versailles, 10km from Houilles, Cross du Figaro . For several years now, I have enjoyed the nature that can be found on the steep paths of the Trails and I have come to prefer it to urban races. Having not always managed to overcome certain trails, especially at night, in recent years I have devoted them to training precisely on these types of races to overcome my difficulties. After seeing an advertisement for this Trail in France in a sports magazine, I immediately wanted to challenge myself on this event. The latter remains to this day my biggest sporting challenge. Insofar as it represents a large investment, particularly financial, I am indeed looking for any possible support from a community, patrons or partners. The project is developing gradually and, despite the various confinements and restrictions encountered at the start of the year, I am keeping my goals and I do not despair of completing this race.

Physical preparation, mental preparation, nutritional preparation can be followed by the general public, if any questions wish to be asked I will be happy to answer them, during all my pre-race preparation. The race itself can be followed by everyone following me, from the outside via the organizer but also from the inside by me. (production of live videos,….). Finally, all the people who follow me can also join me on the race to support me.

My community will be able to follow me on the networks where I will share advice, training, integral preparation with them on a physical, nutritional and mental level so that they also feel motivated by this challenge. I will also offer them, for those who wish, a preparation for the challenge of their choice.


Allocation of funds


The funding will be for all the logistical needs of the race: registration, equipment, including communication, travel, food on site and during the race and the 8% commission from KissKissBankBank ... It will also finance a surprise for the participants to know: offer them preparation for a race as well as a finish medal as for all finisher. They will be motivational finisher.

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