Léa Castro 5tet : sortie de l'album "Roads"

Help us to release our first album, and bring our project to the next level !

Project visual Léa Castro 5tet : sortie de l'album "Roads"
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Léa Castro 5tet : sortie de l'album "Roads"


"Léa Castro 5tet" was created in 2013, and after many concerts and an EP released in 2014, we are ready for a LP album.

"Roads" will be released under the label "NeuKlang" january the 27th (Germany, Austria, Swiss, Bénélux) and february the 3rd (France).


We have pictured 10 tracks as a journey...

At the crossroad between Jazz, Pop and World Music, compositions and covers are telling stories of love, departure, hopes.


But let me tell you about the wonderful line-up of this album :

First of all, Antoine Delprat. If this album can exist, it's mostly thanks to him. He plays the piano, violin, composes and arranges the music of this project.

I'm also very lucky to have by my side : the very creative Rémi Fox (Saxophones), the very delicate Alexandre Perrot (Double-bass) and the virtuoso Ariel Tessier (Drums)








We invited marvelous guests on this album : 


The gorgeous pianist and singer Macha Gharibian, the excellent Flutist Axel Rigaud, and a wonderful string trio with Boris LamerandJulia Robert and Louise Leverd.

The album was recorded in the beautiful Studio Sequenza by the great sound engineer Erwan Boulay. Paul Anquez, pianist and arranger, took the reins of the artistic direction.


The very talented video director Valentine Poutignat made the very nice video you have seen earlier, and a bigger is coming soon.

Last but not least, the illustrator Sheina Szlamka realised the beautiful artwork.




Allocation of funds

But enough of superlatives, let's talk about money !! ;-)

Let's face it, recording an album such as this one is veeeery expensive. Even though we work with a label, we still have to support most of the expenses.


We won in 2015 the SACEM Prize at the Crest Vocal Jazz Contest, which was a little start. We also expect a grant.


We stil have those expenses to pay by the end of december :


-pressing, rights of reproduction : 1500 €

-Promotion, communication in France and Europe : 2500 €

And this is why we need YOU !!


All the money we'll get beyond 4000€ will be devoted to the project as well : a "live" video, and even a video clip.


Your help is extremely precious to us, and even essential. Thank you in advance for your support, whatever the amount !!


You have the choice between many rewards (there are lots of goodies with the beautiful artwork !), I'm sure you will find the one for you !


WATCH OUT ! The time to suscribe is very short, so that you can have your gifts before Christmas ! :)


We are proud of this album, and look forward to present it to you !





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