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Leïla - Premier EP

Let me introduce myself: my name is Leila, I am 22 years old, and I am starting, with excitement, the recording of my first EP! (EP = Extended play, the equivalent of a small album)

I started music and singing very young, from the age of 7, and I was lucky enough to have a very good music training, between the Regional Conservatory of Paris (CRR) and the University of Quebec in Montreal, where I went after obtaining my bachelor's degree.
I studied classical singing for over ten years, and then I turned to pop singing about three years ago.

I started to compose over a year ago, and have since decided to work on a first EP, which will be faithful to my learning and my training: a classical technique, with a style and harmonies more influenced from pop/folk.

This EP will consist of 6 songs that I wrote this last year.

These songs were mainly written the persons close to me; they will talk mostly about my relationship to others, as well as my emotions, my five years in Canada…!

You can already listen to one of my songs, "For you", written last summer for my sister.

I decided to record this EP in Montreal (Canada), because it's a city that has left a deep mark on me and where I've learned a lot. In order to "pay tribute" to my student years, I also invited many of my friends from university to participate in this recording. I will record this EP independently, surrounded by a wonderful team.

For now I have enough money for the two thirds of the project. I still have € 1,000 to find on the total amount of € 3,000.

However, in order to carry out this project and pay my entire team, as well as all external costs, I need your help!

Allocation of funds

The money collected will be used to complete what I already have, in order to have a total amount of 3000 €.

This amount will cover the production costs, studio hours, musicians, design, as well as some practical aspects on the spot (support of my team during the hours of rehearsal and hours studio, travel and meals), and finally the creation of physical albums. Then in these 1000 €, 8% will be taxed by the KISS KISS BANK BANK platform (commission and bank fees).

We will have a month to do that, since I will spend the whole month of March in Montreal.

Your help will allow me to focus only on the recording of the EP. I hope to succeed in reaching the amount that I miss in order to continue this project that is close to my heart since my childhood. I thank all those who will contribute to this project!


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