Réinventons la manière de consommer la musique avec Lemone

Lemone - Bringing audio demos to life, reinventing the way we consume music, and putting the artist at the center of attention.

Project visual Réinventons la manière de consommer la musique avec Lemone
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Réinventons la manière de consommer la musique avec Lemone

The future of streaming.
A unique highlight.

The promise of a single artist for an entire audience, for 24 hours, before the track is permanently removed from the platform.

The concept is simple: To offer a single track, to a whole audience, for a limited time (24 hours) and in high quality, to highlight talent and creativity, and to overcome the "Fast-Food" consumption, which we love but which quickly shows its limits, especially for young artists.

A sort of monopoly of attention to spread a message that is heard for sure, without dilution in an infinite mass of publications per day. Rediscovering the way of consuming content with Lemone, in total disruption with traditional distribution methods.

Designed for unlimited listening freedom, Lemone delivers high definition sound, preserving clarity, emotion and sound palette, overcoming the stereophonic space reduction of MP3 and the overwhelming dynamics. Lemone supports lossless broadcast formats up to 22 KHz frequency for an incomparable listening experience.

Publish now
your tracks on Lemone.

Testing the public's enthusiasm for musical experimentation and color changes, discovering sound innovations and marvels of creativity, should never put sound behind money.

Send your tracks to Lemone for publication and engage an audience passionate about the music genre. Ideas for partnerships or customization in the artistic direction? Submit your proposals and let's prepare your launch on the platform together.

Let's reinvent the way we consume music, and focus on
the artist at the heart of the attention with Lemone.



Allocation of funds

Help us conquer the waves

Lemone needs funds to propose effective communication strategies and develop new artists by proposing ever more creative content. The entire fundraising campaign will be used to promote the platform, which is a non-profit organization, and will help bring more and more talent to the forefront.

Discover unique tracks and artists and enjoy high definition sound with Lemone now.

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Lemone T-shirt - Limited Edition


Lemone's image, sublimated on a high quality cotton round-neck T-shirt, designed exclusively for the launch of the platform.
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High quality Lemone sticker, exclusive production for the launch of the platform.
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Unique production, limited to 3 copies, engraved with Lemone's image. Exclusively for the launch of the platform.
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