Les Amis Toukouls d'Esho

Support the education of children, the access to drinkable water and food security in the village of Esho (Ethiopia).

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Les Amis Toukouls d'Esho


     - Beneficiaries of the project:         

              o 33 of Esho's poorest families 

              o 4500 inhabitants of Esho

              o 120 children from primary

 - Team "Toukoul Friends of Esho" 

             o Esho village chief: Tékélé • Esho's Chief of Women: Oféassé 

             o Translator: Asterakegn 

             o Emmanuel Casteele (Belgian in Ethiopia)



The project "The Toukoul Friends of Esho" aims to educate the children of the village of Esho, by improving the living conditions of families and food security.

Esho is a mountain village of 4500 inhabitants located 300 kilometers south of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. It is spread over about 450 hectares. Here some families live on less than one euro a day. Most of the population lives in the traditional house: Toukoul. 

In consultation with the village women leader and the chief of the village, we initiated this project.

The project objectives are:

1) Improving children's education by:
- completing of the construction of the school
- supplying desks, notebooks and pens
- remunerating teachers who are currently teaching voluntarily
- hiring a third teacher


2) Access to drinking water for all with the completion of the water supply system, whose construction was initiated but never completed.


3) Food security by:
- diversifying income sources for the 33 poorest families in the village with the creation of small businesses and the supply of two sheeps (male and female for reproduction).
- The construction of a crop irrigation system that will allow harvesting two to three times a year instead of once today due to the six month dry season.

Where: Esho (Wolayta, Ethiopia)


When: Start of project: February 2018








Allocation of funds

First objective: 8900 Euros!

The first part of the project can be reached with 8900 € and will allow:

1) The finishing of school work with the purchase of 31 desks for 3 doors and 3 windows.

2) The completion of the works to allow drinking access to 4,500 people.  

3) Creation of income-generating activities for the poorest families in Esho with the purchase of two sheep (one male and one female) and the purchase of raw material with advice to start a small business chosen by the beneficiaries.

4) To pay my Ethiopian translator from Addis Ababa (2400 € / year).



If more than 8900 €

It would allow : 

1) To add a gravity irrigation system to allow farmers to have two to three harvests a year instead of one currently due to the dry season which lasts six months in Esho (7500 €).

2) To send a container with clothes, shoes and school material by Djibouti (6300 €).

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Estimated delivery: December 2018

TOUKOUL WINDOWS: Huge thank you + postcard + Photo of the school with your window (s) + Word / Drawing thank you from a student from Esho School.
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