Les collants tattoo

Arty tattoo tights for your legs !

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Les collants tattoo

I propose you a new way to wear tattoo...



Tattoo tights

Since 2012 I design tattoo for tights. They are screen printed on a very high quality italian tights.



What is screen printing ?


It is an old printing technique. Design is revealed on a cloth which allows to pass the ink as a stencil. Scarfs Hermes and Andy Warhol's " Marylin " are realized with this technique. There is others way of printing but this technique allows more intense colors.


The technical difficulty:


The printing on transparent tights is complicated because of the material which is "elastic" and of its delicacy which allows to pass the ink and which complicates the work.




In 2013, the first collection of tattoo tights is born. Drawings are inspired by tattoos old school 1950s... I turned to the Italian know-how for the manufacturing of the tights which I wanted high-quality.


Today, I need your help to develop the collection inspired by designs from Asia and creating tattoos in colors.


Allocation of funds

If the 1850€ objective is reached, 3 new designs can be developed. 3 prototypes will be create. Thanks to you, I could present the collection to the buyers.





If the objective is exceeded by 850€, a shooting will be organized with a model, a pro photographer, make-up artist and hairdresser. Photos will serve as pictures for the packagings, the web site and the press. If the objective is exceeded by 3600€, the manufacturing in small series will be launched. They will be available on the sale and you can find them on the web site www.mirey.paris!



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