Les Gazouilles - Equipage 133 : Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2020

"Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true. Believe in yourself and they will surely come true." Cherry Blossom

Project visual Les Gazouilles - Equipage 133 : Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2020
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Les Gazouilles - Equipage 133 : Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2020


- The only women's rally where navigation is the old-fashioned way, with only maps and a compass as equipment
- 1,500 km in 9 days in the middle of the Moroccan desert
- The winning team is the one that travels the least kilometers to reach the different markers that make up the 6 stages of the rally
- Each year, 160 crews take part in 4x4, Crossover, quad, electric car or motorcycle races


" It's a story of gazelles... an encounter between the elders and those who want to be part of the family! So they share their memories, their emotions... and then the future gazelle makes the old one want to go back, to share their taste for adventure and motor sport. This rally forever marks a woman's spirit, you have to experience it to feel it! "Once a gazelle, always a gazelle "


Angelika - La Gazouille Sarthoise

- 36 years old

- 2nd participation

- Passionate about motor sport, dynamic and enthusiastic

Séverine - La Gazouille Normande Parisienne

- 33 years old

- 1st participation

- sporty, optimistic, determined and always looking for new adventures

Toyata KDJ95 - 3rd member of the crew

- Long chassis

- 5-speed manual gearbox

- Vehicle rented, fully prepared and equipped by PAYS BASQUE EXPÉRIENCE



Angelika :

This rally is a summary of emotions, sensations and above all very rich in lessons.
Several months of preparation, three weeks of events, nine days of competition, a great human adventure, it transforms you!
2014 was a very enriching experience, for 2020 I want to go even

The choice of a teammate is not an insignificant choice....
I didn't know Séverine, we met at a Gazelles party.
It sums up the definition of the adventurer, a eleven-month road-trip in Australia, a bivouac in Peru... I fell in love with this energy ball!


Séverine :

I like travelling, wide open spaces, freedom, adventure, automotive world!
I discovered this rally, its values, what this human and sporting adventure
would generate, before, during and after, the surpassing of oneself ! I said
to myself, "Let's go! I'm going for it!"

A determined car enthusiast, adventurer with character, and who has the
same objectives as me, namely, to live this adventure 100% !

I immediately knew that Angie would be my Gazouille!


The Rally makes every effort to respect the environment:
- Reduction of CO2 emissions by limiting the speed
- Use of the 25,000 plastic bottles consumed during the rally to build nurseries
- Ground protection during vehicle overhaul 
- Recovery of engine oils
- Compensation for CO² emissions from the Mohammed VI Foundation


« The Rally puts its strength and its image at the service of all through the association heart of gazelles, association of general interest which exists since 2001» :
- the medical caravan provided 8,400 medical consultations in 2018
- sustainable development and the environment
- professional reintegration and assistance in daily life
- help with schooling
- the Gazouilles contribution: we collected plush toys, toys, 2 encyclopedias, children's books that will be distributed by the association cœur de gazelles during the rally

Allocation of funds

The pot will allow us to participate in a driving and navigation training in Morocco from 24 to 28 January 2020.

We decided to prepare in Morocco with Pascal BURG / All-Road Experience, pilot instructor and referenced by the organizer MAIENGA, for piloting and Célia Le Borgne, for navigation.

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