Les premiers cahiers anti-stress

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Les premiers cahiers anti-stress

My name is Olivia Boa, I am a designer, stylist and I work in especially in neurology on the impact of colors, structures on eyes movements on our cerebrales waves.

I am also a mum of 4, and one of my children is disabled and under stress any time.

I developped the concept of Boa Ocular Kinetics (Cinétique Oculaire Boa = COB) in the goal to give a visual support effortless abble to unwind in record time!


Why is the BOA stationery range so special?

As well being a designer range, created and developed by the painter Olivia Boa, there is also the neurological concept conveyed at the heart of its innovation: "Cinétique Oculaire Boa" (Boa Ocular Kinetics).                                                                                                                         

Boa Ocular Kinetics - What is it?

Boa Eye Kinetics (the COB principle) is a concept that allows interaction based on brain frequencies, by means of colourful and pixelated designs. These designs readily induce the eyes to perform a particular movement. The main aim is to achieve a theta brain wave quality (a wave of meditation and deep relaxation) in order to better manage states of stress.


The importance of eye movement

Very few people are aware of the impact and influence of the movement of their eyes on their brain waves. The COB principle studies the impact of this movement, with the use of electroencephalograms. Hence, a horizontal movement tends to be calming and lowers cerebral activity (such as the movement of the pendulum in hypnosis). A vertical movement, however, tends to encourage focus and attention.


A very precise design

Based on a mathematical equation that takes into account the wavelength of the colour, as well as the directional vector of the pixels, BOA designs are very precise. They are the fruit of the subtle blend of art and neurology, somewhere between the emotional and the pragmatic. Each pixel has its own colour and a very precise place.


An "effortless" technique 

The COB principle is based on the effortless, ie the non-mental implication of the person. The observer simply lets their eyes go wherever they like over the design. The movement of the eyes will adjust to the needs of each observer. In an instinctive way, the brain will spontaneously order relevant movement, in accordance with the emotion of the present moment, in an effort to gain equilibrium.


An aide to meditation 

The BOA stationery range for 2019 is based on the "Hawaii" design. This design is ideal for achieving the theta wave that facilitates the meditative state, regeneration, intuition and memorisation.


How do you do it?

As soon as the need arises, close the notebook or folder and simply observe the COB design for the required amount of time. It was noted that observers achieved a theta brain wave in the occipital lobe (visual information management) from the first 30 seconds. This allows you to take a moment of relaxation before returning to work.


Neutralisation of free radicals 

Oxidative stress is an oxidation of our body’s components; it is a chemical attack via free radicals, which denatures our cells. Proteins, lipids, sugars, all the way to our DNA, suffer damage due to oxidation. The main causes of oxidation are pollution, an unbalanced diet, tobacco, UV radiation and stress, among others. Looking at COB designs can have an impact on our oxidative stress. The endogenous neutralisation of free radicals by observers has been measured. In summary: by activating our brain frequency via these designs, we also act on our endocrine system and our oxidative stress.


A revolutionary, artistic, scientific, effortless concept that is suitable for everyone

The BOA stationery range is simply revolutionary and will take an important place in the school environment, in an attempt to better manage students' stress in a non-intrusive, autonomous way.

Allocation of funds

From 5 years, we are studing in electroencephalogrammes the BOA designs impact on cerebrales waves of observers. We have husked, observed and analised all results form the scientific part!

Now, we will establishing all this years of studies "in vivo" mean to give to school and institutions this stationary BOA to help children directly at school and observe their reaction and effect.

The funds raised will be for:

- Buy the first material and make the realisation of notebooks, binders and protections for notebooks.

- Shipping and logistic.

- To equip deux primary school, three secondary school and two specialized institutions for student in difficulty.

If we raise until 40'000 Euro we will able to make specific research on the impact of design BOA on children with a singular desease the TADAH (trouble of attention).

Below, like exemple, the result of a group of people who look the design Hawaï Pink.

We called this graphical "Topography". its resum the record of the cerebrale activity of volonteer during 3 minutes.

We can see the increase of theta wave in the occipital part in the brain (management of vision) it's mean a deep visual relaxation.

We have sooooo many amazing research to make...

With YOU, a long and passionate way is coming!



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