Les Trois Mousquetaires : Reboot

Have you heard of the Three Musketeers? Let's start all over again and make it a musical, shall we?

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Les Trois Mousquetaires : Reboot



1626. It is a dark age for France, on the edge of a religious war, at a time when men of power plot and fight over the control of the kingdom... One man will save the king's honnor and change the course of History...


D’ARTAGNAN : "But I don't caaaaare! It's my dad who made me join the Musketeers...



Re-discover Alexandre Dumas' chef d'oeuvre through a hilarious musical. Stunts, fights and songs will take you to the 17th century to meet Louis the 13th and Richelieu in this exhilarating show.



We formed an amateur troupe and we used every talent of each one of us to produce the show : costumes, drawings, props, directing, musical production... All these hands and all these hearts are working together to bring you the best show possible.





Come and join us in this adventure ! Help us funding this project and thus helping d'Artagnan against the evil Richelieu in his quest to save the kingdom of France.


The premiere of the show will take place in Itteville, in the suburbs of Paris, on the 29th of October 2013.





Who are we?


We are two enthusiasts behind this project. We used our free time to create and write a musical about musketeers. What started as a joke between us ended up as a 70 pages long script with 18 original songs. At that point it became obvious we had to make it happen.


We create an association called Le Mary Rose and today, we are ready to make this project come to life.



The Three Musketeers : Reboot, it's an on going work, a lot of talents, so much epicness and a never-ending line of cookies.


We are working hard, we are having a lot of fun and we hope you will help us in this exciting adventure.


Until then, find us on Facebook (Les Trois Mousquetaires : Reboot), follow us on Twitter (@mousquetaireReb) and tell everybody about us!



Allocation of funds


We have already started to make the costumes and props with what we had and what we could found, but we need financial support to make the show come to life !

This is how the 1100€ we are hoping to get will be used :


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