This time, no frills or fuss, we packing heat in this newsletter and show you ALL the phases of one step of the story. It is a bit tedious, but it will demonstrate how intertwined everyone's work is with each other's. 


Phase 1 :


in Lille (north of France), Chimère unveils his vision pour for chapter and the location with a first quite developed digital draft without the characters or using mock-up engravings. Smells like Jane Austen, doesn't it ?




Phase 2 :


In Paris, I draft the chapter guidelines, the main adventures, the themes, etc. Sorry English readers <3 translation will only come once the book is done. 





Phase 3 :


In Japan, once she's visualized Chimère's work and seen my ideas, Clara draws a sketch and finds fabric that will fit to the chapter's atmosphere.




Phase 4 :


In Ile-de-France, after she's taken notice of the color direction and the future costume style, Leucosie creates a corresponding moodboard for make-up and hairstyle inspiration. She then draws many (like many many) sketchs and one final watercolor painting. 




Phase 5 :


Clara then hand makes the outfit and sends it to France. 




Phase 6 :


(those are a bit blurry because they are screen captures from our future making-of) We all gather in a Normandy studio to shoot the costumes. I am really lucky to get to wear the various outfits and to get Leucosie to do my hair and make-up according to her sketches. What a one-of-a-kind opportunity !




Sophie, our photographer, then proceeds to 2 different photo-shoots per outfit :


One in front of a white screen, under the artistic direction of Chimère. He knows what light and what posture he needs, to later incorporate the result in his illustrations.




One in front of a red velvet screen. There Sophie is a bit more free and the idea is to use those as 19th century portraits.




Phase 7 :


Once Chimère has selected the ones he preferred, Sophie post-prods the pictures.




Phase  8 : TADA !!!! 


Chimère finalizes his illustrations (in this one, the umbrella needs to change). Our long delays, enables him to make other unplanned illustrations (to present the chapters, or to illustrate the middle of a paragraph etc.).




Phase 9 :


I can finish my writing, enriched with everyones's previous ideas.




Étape 10 :


Chimère designs the chapter format with all these element (as were big meanies, we'll show you that another time ;) ) 


Étape 11:


As we don't have all the pictures yet, we haven't been trough this last phase. That's when we can use the final products to send the book to publishers and at last but not least to our dear kissbankers, create postcards and other cool goodies. Don't worry those will come !


We would have loved to show you all this from the beginning. Nonetheless, as we are all five of us crazy artsy people, with a thousand ideas per minute, this process isn't as tidy as shown above, and most times we work on different phases for different chapters at the same moment, which is very messy. For most chapters, we are still stuck at step 5 so we still have a LOT of work ahead of us. 


Don't hesitate if you have any questions. 


Lucie Béluga and the Lady Marmelade team