Let It Be - Antoine GOUDESEUNE

Let It Be .... revisited .. With a little help from my friends ....

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Let It Be - Antoine GOUDESEUNE

<p>Back in 2014, Antoine Goudeseune released &laquo;&nbsp;his&nbsp;&raquo; Abbey Road, an instrumental arrangement of the legendary Beatles record.<br /> 6 years later, in 2020, he&rsquo;s back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of another important Beatles record&nbsp;: Let It Be</p> <p>Let it be was released on May 8th 1970, and will lead to&nbsp; the end of the Beatles.</p> <p>On may 8th 2020 , Antoine&rsquo;s take on that record will be released.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The idea behind this record is the same as Abbey Road&nbsp;: same songs, same tracklist, classic Beatles songs arranged on solo guitar</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>A word from Antoine&nbsp;:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I had such an amazing support from you all since Abbey Road in 2014&nbsp;: CD &amp; LP sales, first crowdfunding project, shows, beatles conventions, &hellip;. I am so grateful for that&nbsp;!<br /> Here we go for the next step of this musical journey, I have a very nice record on the way, really looking forward for you to hear it&nbsp;!<br /> I hope you&rsquo;ll wanna be part of it&nbsp;!</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>Recording&nbsp;: 1000&euro;</p> <p>Mixing&nbsp;: 550&euro;</p> <p>Mastering CD&nbsp;: 300&euro;</p> <p>Mastering vinyl&nbsp;: 300&euro;</p> <p>Mixing one song at Abbey Road Studios : 300 &euro;</p> <p>Cd pressing&nbsp;: 570&euro;</p> <p>Vinyl pressing : 1430 &euro;</p> <p>CD mecanical rights : 750 &euro;</p> <p>LP mechanical rights :&nbsp; 750 &euro;</p> <p>Promo posters : 100&euro;</p> <p>Visuals : 400 &euro;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>TOTAL&nbsp;:&nbsp; 6450 &euro;</p> <p>The &ndash; ambitious &ndash; goal of this crowdfunding project is to reach 5000 &euro; , to be able to start that record with the best possible ways &hellip;</p>


Featured reward

CD + Vinyl


  • 23 contributions
Both CD & vinyl, signed, sent to you



  • 7 contributions
MP3 album download



  • 45 contributions
Record on CD, signed, sent to you



  • 18 contributions
Album on vinyl, signed, sent to you

Good Morning Pack


  • 5 contributions
CD + Vinyl + Antoine Goudeseune/Let It Be Coffee Mug

Custom Morning Pack


  • 3 contributions
CD + Vinyl + AG/Let it be coffee mug with your name / face on it

Extra Custom Morning Pack


  • 1 contribution
Same as Custom Morning Pack, but delivered by Antoine at your place one morning with hot coffee in it ! ;-) MAX 30 km from Mons, Belgium !

Mini co-producer pack


  • 5 contributions
CD + Vinyl + your name in the album booklet !

Masterclass pack


  • 2 contributions
CD + Vinyl + one hour guitar lesson with Antoine, on one of his Beatles arrangements . Belgium only ( or skype/messenger for abroad)

Home concert pack


  • 3 contributions
CD + Vinyl + a concert by Antoine at your place for you and your friends (max 30 personnes) Belgium, Luxembourg & North of France only !!

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