Lethal Judgment EX

If you like make beautiful explosions on space (but safely), support the shoot-them-up Lethal Judgment EX.

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Lethal Judgment EX

But,what's this "Lethal Judgment"?
Lethal Judgment was a shoot-them-up in the purest tradition of 8 / 16bits 80-90s standards. Those on whom I have worn the palm of my hands.

Naturally, when at 2/3 years old I was finally able to code, I told myself that I had to do mine .. Hum, unless it does not date that much .. Well, this is not the most important. A shoot so, with many cute little ships that it will still have to explode (do not forget why we are there) but in a good mood; having fun being the key word.

After a first and a second episode on Xbox360 and PC, I embarked on a more ambitious adaptation. On Android mobiles first, platform on which the game is already available, then, new mission on PC / Xbox and MacOS .. And that's where you intervene (well, if you accept it)!

Allocation of funds

Money Money Money ..

First time I use this way to ask you a little help but having funded all Android development alone, I could not hope to grow without you (especially that he did not bring me much, except the joy of knowing that players are having fun, and that's the main thing). Reaching platforms like MacOS, Windows or the Xbox ecosystem will require a big investment in time and money.

Because yes, I will never publish new versions without improving them to the level of the support they aim for:

- Improved and enhanced all game graphics, including higher resolution and better textures (and still at 60 frames per second).

- Adding new modern effects such as dynamic lights or even shaders for more realistic liquid surfaces.

- 5 new levels in addition to the existing 5; alternative versions with new sets and waves of different enemies.

- 1 new "vertical" level.

- Support Gamepads and keyboard.

- Adding new sounds and new music.

The game should be ready by April 2020 (a good part of it is already running) if I can manage everything at once.

The money from this collect will of course be used for all the improvements mentioned but also to help me publish the game on various platforms (material investment, licenses, registration costs).

What if the target was exceeded?

Why not dream a little? With more money, I would invest in adding new improvements to the game such as cutscenes between levels, an introduction and new levels like a vertical one (or several if founds allow me).
The goal is to make an old school Shoot them up with modern graphics and fun gameplay.

I will of course keep you informed of the forecasts throughout the Campaign.

For all those who would be interested in previous games in the series, I now give them for free on the official website. Do not hesitate to go for a ride: https://www.lethal-ex.com

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