Freeing the natural voice.

It's NOW ! Time to get the translation of the book in French !

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Freeing the natural voice.

It's been at least 15 years (!) that I have been working on this, I must have started by translating the Blue Book -do you remember the 1st edition?-.  And I have been working on it when I didn't have any other kind of work going on (that is, nearly not as often as I would like). The original text is over 370 pages long and, whilst I am not a professional translator, I am the person who knows this line of work better than anyone else in the French speaking world, having both practiced and taught the Linklater method for over 25 years in all kinds of contexts. I also have Kristin's full authorization and confidence in translating her book into French. 

It is a fondamental textbook that French-speaking actors would finally have access to.

This project is ready to take off and French speaking people NEED this book. Please help !



Allocation of funds

First stage: 5000 euros: big sigh of relief !

Second stage: 6500 euros: huge sigh: heh-hemmmaaaah !

Troisième palier: 7500 euros: Enormous sigh of pleasurable relief: heh-hemmmaaah! Brrrrrmmmmaaah ! 

For the publisher, Patrick Pezin (Les voies de l'Acteur, Collection L'Entretemps) to have access to funds to publish the book with le Centre National du Livre, the translator is required to have been paid. The money you send me will go towards this.

If more money is raised than necessary, I will use it to go to Orkney, and bring the book in person to Kristin! ;-)

Thank you for helping me to reach my target; whatever you can contribute to is most welcome.


Important details:

3% of the money raised will go towards banking costs

5% of the moneny raised will go to KissKissBankBank 

92% of the money raised will go towards funding the translator, and therefore will allow the book Freeing the Natural Voice to be published in French. 

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