LIBIDO is a human being work on the dynamics of desire that push man towards its darkest limits. I would like your help to make it happen.

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I am Francesco Vignozzi, an Italian photographer, i live and work nea Florence. I deal with reportage photography with a key to social and anthropological reading. Among the topics addressed in my career, "LIBIDO" is the one that has most engaged me on an emotional level, creative and compositional.


Libido” is the result of a project which has been my main concern for the last two years.  A total investigation which passes through photography and pushes beyond, into the mechanisms which bring some people to attend festivals dedicated to erotism.  


Libido” revolves around eros and “tells” the story in all its apparently superficial, dark and hidden expressions. To produce the book, I visited those place personally, to open my perspective on a secret reality, considered taboo by many people, the distorted and degraded expression of a natural impulse.


The photographic project is in its final phase of production: we’re editing the graphic scheme for print. The book’s 52 photographs are arranged in a sequence which describes my emotional journey through that world, intended to enclose it in a single volume.

To this end, I’m also working on the book’s graphic design, impagination and overall aesthetic. The book’s unifying elements are gazes, sensations. states of mind, uneasiness and fears. The language is naked, direct; refined in its aesthetic quality and compositional balance.






Five writers, two women and three men, have contributed two stories with erotic themes, an introduction, and captions: 


Simone Lisi, introduction

Matthew Licht, story 

Ferruccio Mazzanti, story 

Lavinia Ferrone, captions

Gaia Giannangeli, texts.  


The book’s 52 photographs are distributed over 120 pages. The photographs are centrally positioned on the page. The rhythm will be an empty page (or with a caption) on the left, a photograph on the right. Only in three instances will two photographs be presented face-to-face. In two cases, a photograph will be printed in the center across two pages. The cover will be hard, in blue (or black) velvet or some similar material. The paper will be off-white, tending lightly towards cream, with a rough surface. The characters of the introduction and the stories will be set in  pezzi Minion Pro regular typeface, size 10;  the captions, acknowledgments and credits will be set in Arial Narrow, size 8 or 10.


For photographica and graphic inspiration, not for the format, but the font: 

LEROS by Alex Majoli

For the format, photografic inspiration and the type of paper:

“Du mich auch” by Anders Petersen




Allocation of funds

"Libido" will become a book. The money collected will be used exclusively to cover the costs of printing of 400 numbered copies and signed by the author. The costs for the graphic design, printing and the frame of a photograph in large format and the material for the first presentation.




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