LIMITED EDITION - 100 pc. VINYL - Laurent DAVID "NAKED" Bass Solo

Order YOUR signed vinyl record of Laurent David's "NAKED BASS SOLO" !!!! LIMITED EDITION, 100 pieces only !!!!

Project visual LIMITED EDITION - 100 pc. VINYL - Laurent DAVID "NAKED" Bass Solo
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LIMITED EDITION - 100 pc. VINYL - Laurent DAVID "NAKED" Bass Solo

Laurent David, an undaunted bassist and virtuoso, sensitive and precise composer, stood on stage with many well-known artists such as Guillaume Perret, Didier Lockwood, Yael Naim... and put his electric bass as an enlightened companion.

Atypical as a musician, Laurent likes to meet other musicians (David Linx, Ari Hoenig ...) and to create families, "groups" (SHIJIN, M&T@L). He accumulates many enriching experiences that inspire him and allow him to draw a path of his own, serving music in particular and art in general.

Thus, with Naked, Laurent opens the "Solo" collection of the label Durance. In this opus, by using all the components of his favorite instrument, Laurent offers a unique and exciting journey, composed in New York in winter 2018. Like other illustrious precursors like Jaco Pastorius or Jonas Hellborg, he explores various facets of the instrument without using loopers or overdubs, preferring to offer chiseled writing (legacy of his classical training) without depriving himself of the improvised framework that is dear to him (legacy of jazz). Crossing the instrumental and aesthetic boundaries, Laurent today carries the electric bass at the height of his art.

Recording and Mixing: Antony Soler (Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban)

Mastering: Fred Kevorkian (NYC)


Allocation of funds

The digital version of "NAKED BASS SOLO" will be available on February 1, 2019.

A vinyl master version has been prepared by Fred Kevorkian, (several times awarded sound engineer, who worked with John Patitucci, Iggy Pop...)

Here you can order your record in advance and help us to press it in high quality.

Funds will be collected by Durance Label 


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