"Little Victories" debut album by the Robby Marshall Quartet

My new French-American quartet is releasing its first album. Help us to get it out to the world!

Project visual "Little Victories" debut album by the Robby Marshall Quartet
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"Little Victories" debut album by the Robby Marshall Quartet

A little background

I relocated from Los Angeles to Paris nearly 4 years ago with the wild ambition of expanding my musical path and starting a new band. I wanted to incorporate my new experiences, exchanges of culture, and I also sought to create a group that would stay and work together long-term to develop a synergy all its own.

In developing the Robby Marshall Quartet, I have discovered just that and much more. The band has been working together for 3 years now. After developing a unique repertoire and logging in many shows, we committed to document the songs in the studio and releasing the finished product as an album.



The Album

With this album, I wanted to create a mysterious yet inviting space for listener and musician alike, in which the melodies and harmonies can guide us to unknown but profound places. We really played in service of the songs, and group dynamic is almost always favored above individual solos.

The result is a sonic terrain that I hope will be both inspiring and imaginative for you. I want this collection of songs to grow inside of you over many plays, like a friendship that develops over time.

All of the songs were written since my move to Europe, and each one crystallizes a period of discovery or reaction to the people, places, and music that have inspired me along the way.




Allocation of funds

I have already personally funded the recording session and the mixing of the album. 

Your contributions will go towards the following:

Mastering the album - 720 EUR:  An essential finalization of the album sound, which ensures the proper volume and professional qualities so that the music sounds perfect in all speakers and systems.

Artwork and design - 600 EUR: Conception of the album art and the graphic design of the physical CD package.

CD manufacturing - 1,030 EUR: The duplication of 1,000 physical CDs

Promotion - 300 EUR: photos, digital flyers, online ads

Administrative - 300:  Postage for sending to supporters, radio and critics, French licensing fees,

Fee 8% KKBB  255 EUR


We will be able to hire a professional publicist who can get our music reviewed and distributed through all the best channels in Europe!

Release Date : 18 September 2018

Legal mention:  I will receive the totality of the contributions.


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