Book TOPAFF 10 years

300 music festival posters, taken from the rankings published on Fm-r and Konbini between 2012 and 2021. Graphic arts in the spotlight

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Book TOPAFF 10 years

Presentation In January 2022, the TOPAFF project will celebrate its 10th anniversary! Ten years to promote the posters of French music festivals! Ten years to put forward the illustrators, the graphic artists, the draftsmen, the painters, the designers, the photographers! Ten years to consecrate the best visuals! Ten years during which 7000 posters have been listed! Ten years of independence and passion! To celebrate this anniversary, we want to publish a new book (as in 2013 and 2014), but this time, with about 300 works! That is to say, to group together about 30 posters from each year. The cream of the crop. Our best of. It would be a database for artists, professionals, enthusiasts, and a nice graphic review of the decade. History In March 2013, the first ranking of festival posters (from the year 2012) was published on (a census of 170 posters that doesn't yet have the name TOPAFF). The fm-r website closing its doors after 8 years of good and loyal services, the TOPAFF project arrives on in January 2014. The engine is launched : every January, a new classification of festival posters is published. Over time, the corpus grows, to reach 1300 posters listed in 2019. The last ranking was published 9 months ago. In 2013 and 2014 we had already published two TOPAFF books with Kiss Kiss Bank, with 1000 copies each, but with "only" 80 posters per year. This project being entirely voluntary, life did not allow us to publish a paper book every year... But for the 10th anniversary, we could not miss it. Idea We wish to extend the web articles, by a physical realization. That all these works are found on paper, in hands, in libraries, at the foot of a bed... We wish to make it "real", to allow it to exist in time. The object The book will measure 17 x 24 cm. It will contain about 300 pages, with a laminated cardboard cover (like a comic book), with a square spine, glued. Each poster will be presented on a full page, with the name of its author(s), its city and its website. Schedule - March 2021: project preparation (writing, budgets, contracts) - April 2021 : preparation of the project (printers, transporters) - May 2021 : contracts with authors - June 2021 : contracts with authors - July 2021 : contracts with authors - August 2021 : beginning of book layout + preparation com' campaign - September 2021 : pre-campaign + launch of the fund - October 2021 : participative fundraising - November 2021 : finalization of the layout + printing of the books - December 2021 : mailing and delivery - January 2022 : mailing and delivery (if late) The French authors who participate The foreign authors who participate Festivals represented

Allocation of funds

Financing The money raised with this fund will only be used to pay for : - the printing of the books - the shipping of the books - the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank commission - the cardboard envelopes for the shipments - the totebags - the communication of the project No money will be given to the project organizers. The book will exist if and only if this kitty is successful, thanks to your support. If the kitty is validated, each of the 300 authors and the 300 festivals will receive a book. Selection & Ranking They are made by the columnist "jogging-vert", based on four criteria : originality, idea and meaning, graphic performance, visual impact (layout, space, typography ...). We consider above all the illustration (art) and not the communication (strategy). It's a passionate opinion, referenced, worked ... but it remains an opinion. Like any prize list, it's subjective and can be criticized. The most important thing is to put forward the works, the creations, the authors. The ranking allows disagreement, reflection, opinion and therefore debate. To speak about it is to make these artists exist.

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