LLduo sort son 1er Album !

LLduo release his 1st Album!

Project visual LLduo sort son 1er Album !
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LLduo sort son 1er Album !

You are invited to the live release Concert on December 1st at the Duc des Lombards, Paris !!  :)

Yves-Anthony Laur and Adrien Leconte, the couple of this powerful piano-drums duet will bring you into a painting shaped by music, back and forth from one art to another. Their atmospheres range from lyricism to meditative trance in an aesthetic adventure both visual and auditory.

This warm red painting is the cover of this first album. Beyond their auditive aesthetics, the two musicians complete their art by realising painting creations that cling to their pieces.

LLduo, 1st Album:

  1. Éclaircie
  2. Diogène
  3. LL1
  4. Père-Fils
  5. LL2
  6. Pinceaux Pour 2 Musiciens
  7. LL3
  8. Tempête
  9. Ramblin'


« Since their first concert at the Jazz Festival in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the jury of the Tremplin Jeunes Talents and the public were seized by the landscapes revealed by music, the repetitive waves that fascinate and attract over their passage, and the inner trance that invade you »

Marion Paoli

Allocation of funds

For the release of our album, we need you to promote it!

 Our physical CD is ready and we have it in our hands! :) We must now broadcast it, and we need to work with a press officer to help us organising media releases and make our fans know our music.

Today, the way of listening and promoting music has evolved. Labels don't want any more to take risks, that's why musicians are compelled to find new ways. We want to turn this crowdfunding into an opportunity to strengthen the direct link between musicians and the public. Because music is everything for us, and it is the greatest proof of our love for you. Thanks to your participation, you will be able to listen to our album! ... and even more! You can get the paintings made by the pianist, which illustrate and amplify the pieces.

LLduo was born two years ago from the encounter of two free spirits who were looking for new ways to make music, giving priority to groove, beauty and newness. Since then, we have not stopped playing and investing all our energies (and our savings) in this project. We now need you so that everything is not lost! The 2.000 euros needed for our pot will be fully invested to cover the promotion of our album. We will collect the entire sum, and if, by chance, we happen to harvest a little more then we can employ this money to promote further our music!

A big THANK YOU for your support and your generosity.

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La Peinture de l’Album (+l’album + cartes postales)


Estimated delivery: January 2019

Huile sur toile, 55X45 cm + Album et cartes postales édition limitée des peintures originales illustrant les morceaux de l’album & Un grand Merci et notre reconnaissance éternelle!
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