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During a trip in the heart of both Americas, fascinated by the image, we give the opportunity for locals to realize our photos of the travel

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Première Caméra 2014

Première Caméra

Local Eyes



We get on an airplane, with our travel guides and notes of friends. It starts with the discovery of a new land. We hope to meet locals, who would show us something new and unexpected. We are looking for something new, unknown, surprising.

In fact, quite often, what we would like is to discover a country with a local showing us where to go, what he does, how he spends his days, or maybe his life just different from our everyday life. Because we are interested in the local aspect, and passionate about photography, we decided to explore the Americas, leaving the opportunity for locals to create our travel photos, by deciding what will appear on the pictures. This is not an easy thing when we usually take ourselves what touches us, surprises us or marvels us.


A few weeks before our departure, we will send selected locals a disposable camera. Our route will let us pick it up once the film over. It is once returned to France that they will get developed . So finally, our travel photos, it's the locals who will decide.








Each local participating in the project will be given a disposable camera that he has to finish before our arrival. We let him/her complete freedom, we only want to see what they want to show us. Local diversity is an essential part of this project. No familiarity with the image is requested, only the desire to participate. Once the film is completed, we will pick it back and we will arrange to have developed.

In the course of these exchanges, we will get each participant to talk about his/her experience and what he decided to capture.

These stories and these pictures will lead to a web documentary. On a dedicated website, we store the portraits of our participants, related to their photos as well as additional information on the project and travel. Through a digital experience, we want to help people discover the visions of our 12 local participants, situated in the heart of the Americas .






We decided to explore North America in height and South America, in its width.

We begin our journey in North America.  Alaska will be the first to welcome us. We then descend to San Francisco via Seattle, Portland and some natural parks. 

We do not cross Canada but pass through Vancouver.

In terms of South America, we get to Peru first, we cross to go to Bolivia and finish in lower Brazil.


If you or someone you know are interested in participating in this project through the creation of a photo album with a disposable camera for our trip, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide the map of our trip, so if our road crosses yours or a loved one, join the community.


















Allocation of funds

Expenses from airplanes, moving between countries and on lands are covered by us.




* purchase of the disposable cameras and post charges 

* expenses of films development


Video & photo equipment 


* Camera

* SD Cards

* Microphone

* Additional battery

* Tripod


Web documentary 


* expenses for the web documentary development 

* purchase of domain name + server


If your generosity exceeds our kitty and goes up to 4000€, we will make a book edition of The local Eyes project.




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