Looking for Daniel Augusta

On the path? Insects. Above? Birds, so where, oh where is Daniel Augusta?

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Looking for Daniel Augusta




Worldwide traveller and web-designer, Daniel, a Swedish gentleman of means, bought the house of the Tanzanian painter Edward Saidi Tinga in Dar es Salaam, and shortly after moved there and created the TingaTinga Arts Cooperative Society with the hope to spread the work of the painter through the creation of a website, which led to a network and a way to sell the works.


Ten years later, two young artists attempt to get in touch with Daniel, but to no avail.

Zuska, an ethnologist and one-time collaborator of Tinga informs them of the puzzling silence surrounding Daniel's painters.


Somewhere between a romance and a documentary, Juliette and Etienne take you on a journey, looking for M. Augusta. 

Beyond the galleries, art schools or universities, and even a few curious onlookers, these lovers of the novelistic, of the narrative, will reach out to traditional and ancestral lands in a contemporary and moving gesture.


On the path? Insects.

Above? Birds, so where, oh where is Daniel Augusta?





 Daniel et les peintres; Daniel et Zuska; Motif Tinga; Daniel devant une peinture murale. 





This script began six months ago, the discovery of Daniel Augusta is slightly blurred. Our love for this story has been built week by week. We have made contacts with many people there. Residences, artists' collectives, associations expect us in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) for two month's shooting. 





We are certain that "Looking for Daniel Augusta" will be an opportunity for us, young students, to shape an original docudrama, a film that looks towards the future. This platform, Tanzania, as you already know, is a country that is at peace for more than forty years, a rich country, a generous country, an inexhaustible field for experimentation and creation.

This is the time for us to leave our workshops and create for a larger public audience. This will be a great chance to meet these people with whom the project was founded.




 Juliette Mock and Etienne Déléris.


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Allocation of funds

Nous assumons le coup de la vie sur place ainsi que les frais de transports pour se rendre à Dar es Salaam. La somme collectée est destinée à professionnaliser notre matériel de manière à ce que notre film réponde aux normes de diffusion des salles de cinéma et des chaînes de télévision.


L' argent collecté sera uniquement consacré à l'achat de matériel, en voici le détail:


Appreil photo numérique: 1200 euros.

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MIcro externe autonome: 300 euros.

Micro cravatte: 100 euros


Nous filmerons avec un appareil photo numérique et pas une caméra comme l'explique très clairement cet article.



Plus nous recevrons de donations, meilleur sera le matériel utilisé.


!!!Nous vous remercions d'avance pour tous pour vos futurs dons!!! 



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