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Participate in the creation of the Lord of Barbès GIN. A craft, organic and made in France Gin of exception.

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Lord of Barbès GIN


An organic gin, totally made in France

Distilled in Bercloux near Cognac, in a Stupfler copper still (one of the best stills ever made) by Lord Philippe our Cellar Master, the Lord of Barbès Gin is 100% artisanal, organic and made in France. Our Gin its characterised by its subtle taste and by how powerful it is on the palate. It reaches 50% of alcohol, which makes it one of the world’s strongest gins. The spring water we use comes from the square de la Madone in Paris; it is an extremely pure water coming from a depth of 740 meters, where it’s safe from modern pollution.




A bit of Monkey Bread in your Gin?

The baobab bears a fruit which has a slightly acid taste, enjoyed both by humans and monkeys, hence the name “monkey bread.” Particularly rich, the said monkey bread has six times the average vitamin C content of an orange, and twice as much calcium as milk. But the Lord of Barbès gin is not only a taste, it is also a fragrance as it is skilfully distilled with corn alcohol, juniper berries, dried mango, ginger, coriander, grains of paradise, nutmeg, angelica and cardamom.




Available exclusively in Barbès

The Lord of Barbès Gin is a rare and precious product, intended for real gin lovers. Only 1,000 bottles will be sold in 2016. To find us, take the métro and get off at the “Barbès-Rochechouart” or the “Marcadet-Poissonniers” stop and ask for the black boutique full of skeletons. Don’t forget that our bottles are returnable and that you will receive one euro for each bottle you bring back. This is only symbolic, but it allows us to recycle glass; and in Barbès, we don’t like to waste.




Behind the project

As Her Majesty the Queen of England had still not thought about bestowing a title upon us, we did it ourselves. Under our real names, Lord Hervé Lopez and Lord Vincent Valton, it is our search for an exceptional gin that brought us together. Unable to find a gin that suited our liking, we asked ourselves: “why don’t we create one of our own?” You will tell us: “ok, but who is “we”?” On the one hand, there is Lord Hervé, an artistic director, decorator and animated films producer who has been well established in Barbès for many years. His boutique-office, full of skeletons, religious artefacts and stuffed animals, is worth a visit! 

On the other hand, Lord Vincent is our hard liquor expert: his path includes stops in the major Spirits companies and led him to embark on the Lord of Barbès gin artisanal, and slightly crazy, adventure.


Allocation of funds



A flask story

After reviewing more than 100 bottles at the Puces de Clignancourt, we decided to create our own flask. It is blue, in order to protect the gin from sunlight. It is also as flat as a flask so that it can fit in a pocket, and it is returnable, for environmental reasons. We would like to thank Waltersperger, master glassmaker since 1916, who accepted to create only 1,000 bottles for us after having manufactured some of the most beautiful bottles for Guerlain, Chanel, Gaultier, Prada, Kenzo, and so many others. But manufacturing such a bottle is expensive: the mould itself costs €25,000, and around €6 are added per flask. Not to mention our corks, which will be stamped one by one by Boutroué. For all these reasons, our gin is particularly expensive and is even among the world’s most expensive gins.




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From October 15 and for a month, we will ask €30,000 to all the Lords among the web users coming from all over the world, in order to fund the mould for Lord of Barbès’ flasks. Our bottles are unique and so will be the mould, hence its cost. By giving us from €10 to €1,500, you will be part of the launch of the Parisian Gin. In return, you will receive wonderful rewards! You have our Lords’ word of honour!




Thanks a lot for your help Ladies and Lords !


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