"Losing Touch" - Book sale for Beirut

A book about the vanishing traditional workers of the city - 100% of the sales donated to a Beiruti NGO.

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"Losing Touch" - Book sale for Beirut

9 years ago, we - Diane, Paul and Marielle - went around the streets of Beirut to meet inspiring people whose trades were disappearing. 50 testimonies and portraits of wonderful men and women. Their passion, their dreams, their advice, and their unwavering love for this city.

Back then, Beirut was already changing and we wanted to encapsulate its soul. Little did we know that a few years later, on an August afternoon, it would be totally and brutally destroyed. 

This sale's purpose is to keep honoring Beirut's heritage, help rebuild it and restore its soul by donating the revenues to NAHNOO, a Lebanese NGO having an impact on the ground.

Book by Diane Mehanna and Marielle Khayat, photos by Paul Gorra, published by Tamyras.
Texts in French and English

Allocation of funds

Since this book was always about honoring the Beirutis, 100% of the revenues will be donated to NAHNOO.

​NAHNOO is a non-governmental organization that works towards an inclusive society, focusing on three key subjects: good governance, public spaces and cultural heritage.
The reason why we chose NAHNOO as the beneficiary NGO is that they have several projects that benefit the types of artisans that we talk about in the book. They support their development, develop studies to dignify their trade, provide trainings to enrich their skills, etc.
Since August 4th, they have been focusing their efforts on the most vulnerable areas and people, to ensure a strong impact on a local and national level.
To learn more about NAHNOO: http://nahnoo.org/

IMPORTANT NOTE: The payment system does not accept payments from Lebanon and some other specific countries. If you wish to purchase a book and are unable to do it on this site, please contact us directly and we'll find a way: 
By whatsapp on +33 7 85 15 10 84  or by email on mariellekhayat@gmail.com

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