Lova Lova: Mutu Wa Ngozi

Help Lova Lova Lova record his latest studio creations and release his mini album "Mutu Wa Ngozi"!

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Lova Lova: Mutu Wa Ngozi


Since the release of his first album "Kizobazoba" in 2018, Lova Lova has been working on new musical compositions and a new visual universe under the title "Mutu Wa Ngozi". 

To play this character of Mutu Wa Ngozi, translated as "the man who appears in dreams", Lova Lova Lova puts on his Ngunza priest costume, his magic cane and his multi-vision glasses...

Today, the artist wishes to record five of his new creations (Maria losako, Zarko le visiteur, Libundu mbisi ya mayi, Selekelek, Mutu Wa Ngozi,..) in the Studio. His objective is to produce a mini album of the "Mutu Wa Ngozi" project, a kind of model that will be used as a promotional tool in the coming months.

The images associated with this album project are also being produced, a series of photographs by Robert Carubba that will be used for the album cover and communication.



Since 2016, Wilfried Luzele, aka Lova Lova, has been active in the Kinshasa alternative cultural scene as a musician and performer. His musical style is multiple, mainly rock, sometimes punk and often inspired by traditional Congolese music. He sings in Lingala, Kikongo and French. His texts describe Kinshasa's urban life with humour and intensity. Sometimes his words leave the real world to fly into phantasmagorical universes and delirious landscapes. 


In 2017, he produced the soundtrack for the web series "Kinshasa Collection" and participated in a hybrid show in Berlin (Germany) as part of the same project. In 2018, he gave a concert at the Douarnenez Film Festival (FR), which elected him as a "musical favourite". That same year, he released his first album entitled Kizobazoba, produced with participatory funding, and played a concert at the Institut Français de Kinshasa (RDC) for the album's release. 

In 2019, he performed at two major festivals in Kinshasa: the JazzKiff and the Africa Music Forum. The same year he released the album "Mokili na poche" in collaboration with the children of the Kamikazi workshop and Oyo project.

His visual universe has been highlighted in the exhibitions "Kinshasa 2050: Digital city" (Institut Français de Kinshasa, 2017), "Chroniques de Kinshasa" (Musée des Arts Modeste de Sète, France, 2019) and "Yambi: Our house is your house" (Acud, Berlin, Germany, 2019). 

Wilfried Luzele is also co-creator and coordinator of the Double Vision art space in his district of Bandalungwa, since 2016.

More info on Lova Lova's universe in this article:


More music and clips:




Allocation of funds

Lova Lova has already started recording in self-production. Unfortunately, he reached the end of his financial resources and is stopped in his project. For this reason, it now calls on your support, in the form of donations.

First level $500: 
The money will be used to continue to pay for studio recordings and to provide transportation for musicians.

If this level is reached, each contributor will receive by email the images and music of the project in February 2020.


Second level $700: 
The additional money will be used to publish "Mutu Wa Ngozi" on CD with cardboard cover.

If the second level is reached, each contributor will receive the CD of the project by mail or by hand between February and March 2020.


Other levels:
If more money is raised, the artist will be able to record more songs!


Lucille de Witte will receive the entire collection on behalf of LovaLova. In addition to being Wilfried Luzele's partner, she is also the improvised manager of the group.

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