Come discover my world and my musical project, join and realize my first EP together !

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Hey everyone ! I'm Lukas, I am an 18 years old singer song writer.




My passion for music started during my youngest year at the age of 6, precisely when I touched drums for the first time; since then, music is my heart. Years going by, I added more instruments (piano and guitar) to make my singing better since I can combine 3 instruments.  



Younger, I used to give an intimate show experience to my friends, family. Since then, my public has gone wider, it’s been 3 years that I produce myself in Montpellier in bars, restaurants, and small concert room !





I also shared on social network some of my experience and mostly covers to get advice from the outside so I can improve myself. Indeed, comments, suggestions, positive or negative critics helped me in what I do. I also opened my knowledge in this beautiful world of music by discovering new artists that you guys recommended for me. Check out my Facebook page or my youtube Channel so you can see what I can do by yourself.



  At the same time, it’s been a couple of months now that I write my own songs from the beginning to the end.

My goal today would be producing my first pop rock, folk EP in studio with me singing in English.

As I need fund for this EP, since I do everything by myself and some friends of mine, I am here today to ask for your help !


  Thank you everyone, Lucas Debieve, project's holder :)

Allocation of funds

Objective of the gauge 100% (2500 €)


1) Recording Studio : 1500 €


2) Mastering : 300 €


3) CD Pressing  : 600 €


4) KissKissBankBank : 8%


If the gauge is exceeded


- One more song on the CD


- A music video for one song of the EP


- More CD pressing and a best packaging 




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