Lyrocati - EP

Lyrocati is recording her EP : Without you, no mix possible, therefore no release possible !

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Lyrocati - EP


A fresh and delicate quintet with a singer, trombone, piano, double bass, drums: My 4 musicians and I have worked a lot all year long in order to prepare my pop-jazz songs   .   This led to recording an EP, ready to be shared in order to make ourselves be known, to advertize my music. We are very proud of the tunes done during a day spent in a recording studio.  However, in order for you to discover these tunes, there is something missing. We have no money left for the mix of the EP. This (final) step is therefore crucial for our progression. In a nutshell: if you like my workd, if you want to be a part of these beautiful pop jazz quintet project ... Please join the journey, support my music, support us!


Allocation of funds


The money will be used this way:

          100e for the location of the mixing studio

          180e for the sound engineer

          20e for the cost of this platform Any additional peny will be used to refund the 800e loan I have personnaly contracted for the recording itself during a day spent in Studios de la Seine (Paris)

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        Concert privatif + Contreparties précédentes
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