Lysa Sarkis, Limited Editions

Sick of having the same decor as you neighbours? Wake up your walls with the first limited edition collection by Lysa Sarkis.

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Lysa Sarkis, Limited Editions




Who I am...


Painting for me is more than just a way of expressing myself, it's a way of passing on the energy of the colours that drive me. My paintings are fragments of my life and my emotions. It may seem hard to believe now that may paintings grace galleries all over the world., but at first I was a little afraid of showing my work.


My first exhibition was at the Grand Palais in Paris as a part of its huge annual Salon of Drawing and Watercolours. Everything happened very quickly after that... New York, Dubai, Rome, Tokyo, Spain, Canada. I was invited to join the French Academy of Art, Science and Letters and given one of their highest honours. I'm also now a member of the Taylor Foundation.


My work tends to fall into two rough types of styles, although they sometimes cross over. One series is light and flighty, with the colours playing off each other, while the other is more floral and voluptuous.



Just enjoy!



Most recent main exhibitions:


Permanent exhibition ProArt Gallery, Dubai

France: Art en Capital (Grand Palais), Salon d’Automne (Champs Elysées), Salon International Hivernales

Spain: European Salon of Galicia, Sarria International Art Fair

Vatican: Maffei Marescotti Papal Palace

United States: ARTEX New York, ARTEXPO New York

Canada: Toronto 2014

Japan: Japan Contemporary Art Association, Tokyo

China: 6th Asia Art Expo, Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing







My prints project


As an artist, it's essential to have your work seen. Which is why so great artists made print editions of their work. For some, in fact, lithographs becomes the most important part of their work.


Modern print methods allow the artist to make prints that are not only much truer to the original — keeping the fine detail that was lost in the past — but that also hold their colour better over time. They also allow me to experiment more, which is terribly exciting, and I've got a whole heap of ideas I want to try out.


As an artist you still have to be careful. But ArtnPeople brought a lot of ideas and savoir-faire to the table, which is why I decided to offer print editions of my work through them. 









As an art publishing house, our ambition is to make art accessible while being true to the artist. We make limited edition prints, each of which comes with its own numbered certificate of authentication signed by the artist.


The concept

We want to bring our chosen artists to a wider public. The artists are involved in every single step of the process, from the choice of work to the technique, to the checking and validation of the prints themselves.


The prints

Our prints are made in France, either in specially created exclusive series for ArtnPeople or as reproductions of existing original work. Each edition is offered in various formats, from traditional prints on paper and canvass to the most contemporary surfaces, such as plexiglass and Alu-dibond, and scrupulously checked during the selection process in the studio. It is always for the artist to decide which form best suits their work.



The prints are sold on our online site and at our pop-up shops. Again the artists are deeply involved. The artist's catalogue will be regularly updated with new work.


Lysa Sarkis

We were greatly taken by Lysa's work and her personality, so full of creative energy and enthusiasm. Her canvasses are an equally beguiling explosion of colour and rythmns that find a real and universal echo in our interior selves. 




Allocation of funds

Your investment will help launch the first collection of limited edition prints, pay for the preparation, marketing and sale of those prints. This involves:





Only your generosity can make this project possible. To thank you for your help we will offer you these great benefits:


- membership of our ArtnClub for great exclusive offers

- a catalogue signed by Lysa Sarkis and postcards of her work

- Lysa Sarkis prints on paper and canvass for fans and patrons

- art vouchers valid for the work of all the artists on our site



And if we exceed our target?


Providing there is enough money left over, ArtnPeople will stage a special Lysa Sarkis exhibition, so those who supported the project can come and meet the artist.


If you have any questions or comments, we'd be really happy have your feedback and answer your questions.


Thank you again


To know more about our publishing house and see the project as it advances, follow our Facebook page  Page Facebook ArtnPeople Paris

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