Ma Cousine Mimi

I need your help to tell the incredible story of Micheline Masse, my cousin Mimi, a self taught painter and an independent woman. Follow me

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Ma Cousine Mimi

“My Cousin Mimi” is the first film I’ve ever written and directed. A documentary film co-produced by JJLM Films and France 3 Pays de la Loire about my «great» cousin, Micheline Masse (1932-2017).

Daughter of upholsterers living in La Chartre-sur-leLoir, Micheline left her village with her paint for any luggage. All her life, she travelled France on her moped, carrying her canvases, tubes and brushes in her trailer.

Because Micheline Masse was a free spirit and very few women of her time had such a character and talent. Between 2015 and 2017, in her twilight years, living at her side, I was overwhelmed by this cousin I had lost side of. I rediscovered a magician of colors who carried high the audacity of women artists. A “born painter” woman.

Signing a portrait of Mimi was therefore a no-brainer both to reveal to the public a remarkable career and to pay tribute to such a woman!

Confidently, Micheline told me about her incredible destiny:

  • The career of a true artist, honored by a large number of awards, including the President of the Republic Award.
  • The journey of an adventurous and foolhardy woman, whose motto could have been ‘to paint or to die’.

‘My cousin Mimi' will lead the audience on a moped itinerary in Mimi’s footsteps. She lived for painting and she painted to live and her teeming work, reveals her curiosity, her inspiration, her hard work, her courage.

You will follow her:

  • At La Chartre-sur-le-Loir, her hometown that just gave her name to a square;
  • In the places that inspired her, from Pays de la Loire to Alsace, from Brittany to Bordeaux area, from Paris to Provence;
  • By her relatives who testify and speak of their Mimi;
  • Looking for her encounters of chance, like those bankers who bought her paintings on the sly when she was a maid to survivre;
  • Through the places that have welcomed and rewarded her work among which the Palais de l’Elysée.

Always on her noisy moped attached to a tow carrying her material, Micheline Masse painted to the end. Despite the fatigue, despite illness. To whom did she owe this? Mystery. She had to do it, that's all.At the age of 85, the journey ended for this invincible woman, and whose life was a romantic destiny.

'I realized in 1960 that I was a real painter' said this woman who loved nature and worked without resting.

It's time, through this documentary, that everyone knows it… Can you help me?

They are already involved:

  • Images du teaser : Lionel Roy, Elizabeth Bourgine, Jules Miesch
  • Montage du teaser : Jules Miesch
  • Support Technique pour la «meule bleue» : Eric Calleau, Bruno Prou
  • Conseil juridique : Patrice Laumé
  • Musique du teaser : Guillaume Tristant
  • Musique : Benoît Urbain
  • Portrait Elizabeth Bourgine et Micheline Masse : Lionel Roy
  • Supports de communication et relations presse : Cécile Fraboul, Violaine Marin

Allocation of funds

In June 2017, I started shooting “My Cousin Mimi” to measure the potential of the project and shoot a first series of confidences with a Mimi still present: Micheline Masse in her studio, Micheline Masse at home… I had to catch what Mimi could still give.

After she disappeared, I kept looking, letting myself be surprised and to conduct the investigation throughout France to convince his relatives and and those who knew her well to tell me “their Mimi”

These first shoots, as well as the research and development work, were funded by our own money.

Today, I need you to continue this process, this research, these meetings, discover new documents, shoot new images.
Thanks to you, the adventure of “My Cousin Mimi” will continue to be built. You will become members of the Mimi Club, a club of lovers of beautiful stories, of authentic talents, of romantic destinies.

It will allow us tu fund the completion of the original shoot.

It will allow us to finance the music of the film and the archives.

It will allow us to film Venice and the paintings of Venice exhibited especially at Le Mans.

It will allow us to finish the editing and finishing of the feature film version of “Ma Cousine Mimi” (90 minutes), to organize the distribution of the film in cinemas in different cities, in France and abroad, in the hope of bringing the image of Micheline Masse and her work to the public.

Each level reached or exceeded thanks to you will bring us closer to funding this ideal feature film.

With you, we will bring Mimi to the Pantheon of Popular Artists, a cenacle with a dynamic motto: to believe and do it! … and vice versa.

So, it’s okay, you follow me? JJLM Films, the production company, will receive the collect money which will be until the last euro allocated to the film.
I have reserved for you counterparties that will mark your attachment to my cousin Mimi so talented.

A big big THANK YOU!

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