Magazine Retro Tourisme

Creating a new magazine combining Tourism, Heritage, Automotive Museums, old cars and the old roads. Exciting journeys on our old roads.

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Magazine Retro Tourisme

Publisher for 10 years of Route Nostalgie magazine (volunteer authors and structure), we have launched new projects in partnership with AMAFL Association of Automotive Museums of France and Locomotion.


The first project was to establish an interactive guide to automotive and mobility museums in Europe


Completter for this we all decide to launch a new magazine devoted to the history of motoring, heritage, motoring museum and tourism. Each year more than 700,000 visitors come to Rétromobile in France, they need ideas for outings, trips.


We need your help to finish this project. You can give us your impressions, your opinions, participate with us in this adventure.


A summary of the themes and the audience for the magazine: Heritage, museums, history, tourism and discovery. Focus on: motoring, classical roads, travel, car brands, places and personalities.


The title of english version of this magazine will be "Retro Touring".


The magazine propose a new approach to cultural, history, heritage, old cars, classical roads. While being easy to read and entertaining, inviting to travel to our regions in Europe and USA. Museums and their collections will be values, their history, their places, their contents, in interaction with all items. The target audience: those interested in the history of automobile tourism, museums and old classical roads, with a nostalgia.


We master already chain production and distribution of magazine, 2 current issue of our magazine are produced per year.


Breakeven (budgetary balance) remaining on a voluntary fashion is about 500 subscribers.


More than 20 authors already participate at this magazine.

Allocation of funds

To go to the digital version we need to invest in new software desktop publishing, new equipment, we also have translation cost, website hosting, travel, ... For example InDesign CS6 costs about 950 Euros.


This collection complements our own investments that are about 5000 Euros per year mainly self.

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