Maison de Champagne : Delphine REVILLON

Let's Create the Champagne House Delphine REVILLON together and its first Cuvee "Brut Secret"

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Maison de Champagne : Delphine REVILLON



Champagne lovers, we have come a real obstacle course in a few months to finally get our license N° MA-4311-21-00805 issued by the authorities to market the Champagne brand Delphine REVILLON and our first Cuvée, The BRUT SECRET.





Our names are Delphine J. REVILLON and Nicolas J. LOONIS and we propose to create the Delphine REVILLON Champagne House together and begin production of its first Cuvée.




In our discovry of independent wine producers Champenois, we found real artists who develop tasty blends, worthy of the great houses at affordable prices, but whose reputation is still very limited. With them, our project is to create new kinds of blends, with original aromas that offer new tasting experiences. Our vision is to marry the expertise of these virtuosos with a brand identity for lovers of fine Champagnes seeking a premium experience.




To design our first cuvée, we met Richard Dailly who was for 17 years, the Cellar Master of two great houses of Champagne. With him, we have chosen to highlight the skills of "Vignerons Producteurs de la Champagne", a cooperative of men concerned by terroirs and vines, located at Aÿ, to develop our Champagne.




After this alchemy, the result exceeds our expectations with an original signature as the sight, smell and taste.




The price of this premium cuvée will be positioned at € 29.50 including VAT for an unnumbered bottle and at € 45 for a collector bottle. This price allows both to fairly value the work of our winemaker and to make a luxurious refinement moment affordable.





For our KissBankers, we provide a valuable launch offer only during the campaign on KissKissBankBank with a special price of € 25 including VAT per bottle of this premium cuvée.




We aim to produce a series of 25,000 bottles of Brut Secret. At this stage, after their long maturation period, the bottles have just been moved and rotated to loosen the deposit left by the second fermentation and persuade it to collect in the neck of the bottle, near the stopper. This process known as ‘remuage’ causes the sediment to slide downwards in preparation for disgorgement (the ejectingof the sediment under pressure).


This is the moment that we need the KissBankers community to collect €  60,000 for disgorging, adding a dosage liquor and labelling a first batch of 5,040 bottles. To support our project and join the community of our KissBankers you will find rewards for every thirst and accessible to all budgets. Each reward is important and can make the difference on the evening of November 26th ...


Get your rewards of Champagnes for the year end and impress those around you with quality blend you have helped produce.




Our study of the economy of Champagne shows three important criteria for the emergence of new model:


1. A market with a high value with high international potential confiscated by a quasi-monopoly position (4 groups hold nearly 2/3 of the market).

2. Many resources with good quality and not used (bottles on laths, reserve wines in vats).

3. A customer missing distinctive services (supply and organization resolutely focused on its strong tradition of product).


After several versions of Business Canvas, a model emerges ... the trademark licenses. Therefore, we decided to create our Start-Up with the following missions:

- Developing prestige cuvées of Champagne with independents on the basis of license agreements with major names in the luxury industry.

- Highlighting the expertise of independent winegrowers

- Designing and labelling the bottles, manage their dissemination and promotion.

- Initiating a digital reputation (crowdfunding, social networks, e-commerce, connected bottle ).


In summary, our house prefigures a new type of economic player in the development of the Champagne wines internationally for independents




We want to be pioneers in providing a connected champagne bottle and allow the consum'actor interact with his smartphone or tablet, to not simply buy a bottle of Champagne, but living a genuine experience of his favorite brand:

- Learn how to keep home bottles optimally,

- Have real time tasting advice

- Choose the food and meal according to the cuvée,

- Have an oenological support to enrich your discovery,

- Share your tasting notes with friends on social networks.


Other initiatives are also under discussion but come join the many secrets of the house ... waiting to be patented!




As a symbol, the operation starts Oct. 23rd with the Champagne Day and will end november 26th, the Ste Delphine day. We'll live the end of the Crowdfunding campaign with 200 guests, professional and great lovers, with the launch of our Brut Secret. The program includes tasting of the Champagne hosted by Richard Dailly in person, opening of a little known but kneaded talent contemporary painter and meeting with the team of our short film « The Secret ».




With the video presentation of our project we've wanted to make you live an exceptional experience of the universe of Champagne brand Delphine REVILLON made elegance, character and refinement... french « Art de vivre ». In this way, we found Nicolas Evrard and his PixMeUp studio team. He knew admirably appropriate the content and values of our project to restore them in an original screenplay with a rarely seen photography for a project on KissKissBankBank. We let you to appreciate, but we are very happy to share with the KissBankers community this video, that more than describe a project reflects a universe.




To embody the values of sharing, prestige and elegance, we imagined our bottle as a promise to bring to the mouth, body, heart, mind and soul. this approach, we opted for understated, innate and felt class of a  "Black Concept" bottle :




The format of the label voluntarily bit wide and high, positioned low on the bottle gives it a certain seat and reinforces the modern feel. A red varnish sublime the  stylish stitching. A curved embossing "golden hot" brand Delphine REVILLON Champagne installs definitively the aesthetics of this label among the unique signatures identifiable at first glance.


Who are we ?




To date, the project involves a small and committed team:

- At its head, Delphine Revillon directs the project and the company after several months of prestudy. Business school graduate, independent expert in strategy and business development, she assists companies in developing new markets. Delphine appreciates the balanced wines with great freshness aromas combined with intensity vinous character of Champagne. Delphine is in the same time, the President, the muse and the first commercial Ambassador Delphine REVILLON Champagnes.


- An engineer by training, Nicolas Loonis, performs consulting assignments since 1999 in the digital transformation of businesses and companies. Great lover of Champagne Nicolas has a preference for Chardonnay dominant wine which gives it fruity and tangy notes combining freshness and power. Nicolas is the man of business model, processes, and back office functions of the project.


- Real Consultant, Richard Dailly, helps Nicolas and Delphine in the development of vintages. His cellar master experience for Jacquart houses and Castelnau convinced Nicolas and Delphine to make him their ambassador in Champagne country. Accurate and appropriate in its comprehensive approach to the development of an exceptional wine, Richard is a goldsmith of the method and the Champagne engineering.


Beyond this trio, nothing would  without our partners that we thank, neither our families and friends!


Allocation of funds

We decided to launch a crowdfunding operation to finance the first batch of disgorging (5040 bottles). For this, we need to reach a fundraising goal of € 60,000 which will be used as follows: - Supply to the producer: € 50,000 (including rewards). - KissKissBankBank costs: € 4,800 - Launch / tasting: € 5,200 (including rewards) Beyond € 60 000: - Marketing and Business Development. - Deposits patent for our connected bottle. - Development of new vintages

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