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Participate in the collaborative financing of a professional dryer and contribute to the production of high quality spirulina and more!

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MANJOLIVE ● safran ● spiruline ● goji ●

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OUR # 1 CONTRIBUTOR ● Thank you! We appreciate your support and now you will be the proud sponsor of one of our desiccator shelves ● You will receive the same rewards as other MANJOLIVE CONTRIBUTORS ● As the 'first' you are invited to the Maison des Rituels du Monde (St Gervais, Gard) to enjoy a spectacular well-being massage!
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OUR #1 PATRON ● Thank you! You are a true MANJOLIVE patron and you didn't hesitate to support us ● You will enjoy the same benefits as other PATRONS ● As the 'first' patron, you are invited by the Intercontinental Hôtel Dieu (Marseille) and the Michelin starred chef, Lionel Lévy, to savour a meal for 2 at their restaurant of gastronomic proportions, Alcyone
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