Marie B' and the Raccoon - 2nd EP

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Project visual Marie B' and the Raccoon - 2nd EP
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Marie B' and the Raccoon - 2nd EP

This kiss kiss bank bank project was made to help us produce our 2nd EP, which will include 6 original songs.
As you may know, an album is never free of charge, and this is where YOU come and save the day, by giving whatever you can to help us reach the amount of money needed.

Marie B’ and the Raccoon is a project we started back when we were both at the university.
We were in the same class as English majors, the Raccoon who was bandless for a while was looking for someone to help him create and have a real say in what would be the outcome of what they would do.
Meanwhile, Marie B’ was discovering her voice, she started to post covers on soundcloud which came up to the Raccoon's ears.
Since then, they became best friends and inseparable: sharing the same tastes in music (which to be honest is very wide : from hard rock, rock, metal, to indie,pop, folk, and much more) which lead to a first EP released in 2019 called Dusk to Dawn, and hopefully to our 2nd one thanks to you!

We want to put forward a more rock-ambiance theme in this album.
Each song has its own identity, and they are each amplified (quite literally) by the presence of electric guitars, and it goes without saying, by Marie B's voice.
We have always been huge fans of the genre, and it is high time that we put our stone to the edifice.

Since the Covid 19 crisis , we have been way more present on social media (Instagram, Tiktok...) and we posted several cover videos. We had many great compliments and a lot of support from people all around the world! We feel very grateful because that’s one of the reasons why we want to continue creating and expressing ourselves through music, to invest our energy, time and money in this project and that’s also what gave us the  courage to ask for your help today.

Allocation of funds

We have been working on our 2nd EP for a while now, we are so close to it being done, however...

Have you ever heard of something free AND high quality? Neither have we!
Making an album whether it's an EP or not, costs a lot of money, from the recording process, to the potential hiring of people, to the mixing and mastering, each stage is quite costly.
For a rough idea, one song when it is mixed and mastered would cost us around 500 euros (if not more, to be quite transparent with you).


Our project includes 6 songs, so for a rough estimation 6x500, 3000€ ! 
this is mainly why we need your help you guys, as a duo there is only so much we can do by ourselves, and as to many other things in life, unity is strength, so let us unite and give life to this project than is very dear to our hearts !


Thank you for your love and support ❤️ 

Marie B’ and the Raccoon 

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