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Friday, September 07, 2012
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Marseille / mer est un livre de photographies en noir & blanc de Thomas Boivin, publié aux éditions Seriti. Tirage offset soigné de 500 exemplaires, numérotés et signés.

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Marseille / mer - Thomas Boivin - Editions Seriti

Marseille / Mer is the second publication of the Seriti editing compagny. It also is an experience of collaboration between Marie Lan and Thomas Boivin, a graphical an editorial work to get the most out of what we wanted to show,  both as an editor and has an author.


"This book come from several short trip I made at Marseille, during spring to autumn 2011, from may to octobre. I was there first to visit a friend, but, a bit suffocated with Paris - a city that I love above all - I came also with the idea to see the sea, perhaps with Plossu's work in mind. So I took with me an old nikon with a 50mm, a lens that I was almost never using at that moment. I like the pictures I took these first 4 days so much - very different from the one I was making in Paris - that I decided to come down to Marseille every month as long as there will be light. This book is a selection of the images I took during theses moments, far away from the work I was doing in Paris. And that's why I was mainly aiming at the horizon, the light, the sea - more than toward the city itself. I came there to be in peace and see far away. Marseille looked to me as a blacony over the sea, and that's what I wanted to remember from it, and to show"

You can see more of Thomas Boivin's work here:

Allocation of funds

The founding will help to pay both a part of the printing - along with money from the editing compagny and the author - and the shippment. It will also help to make wet prints for the oppenning exhibition.

If we'll ever collect more than we ask, it will be directly invested in new books to come.

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For €6 and more

Une carte postale de Marseille, imprimée en risographie (à choisir parmi 4 images)
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For €12 and more

Une affiche A3 de la couverture de Marseille / mer, imprimée en risographie
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For €22 and more

Le livre Marseille / mer est à vous! Vous le recevrez avant sa sortie officielle
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For €50 and more

En plus du livre Marseille / mer - numéroté et signé - 4 cartes postales et un tirage numérique 18x24, à choisir parmi 10 images
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For €150 and more

Vous recevrez le livre Marseille / mer, numéroté et signé accompagné d'un tirage baryté numéroté signé au format 18x24cm (à choisir parmi 10 images), ainsi que 4 cartes postales.
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For €500 and more

Un tirage baryté numéroté et signé au format 30x40cm (à choisir parmi 10 images), accompagnant le livre Marseille / mer, ainsi que les 4 cartes postales de Marseille et l'affiche A3.
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