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Here we go, at last I'm finally ready to introduce you to Masala Colors !

Masala in Hindi means mixture, synergy, association, combination, alchemy, together!

Here's hoping this project will inspire you to support my project in exchange for a lovely book!!



Along with my photographer friend and editor, François Louchet ( I'm close to finalizing my first photographic work.


Masala Colors is an invitation to travel, a tale in pictures, pictures to share. This book reveals seven years of coming and going between India and France, Goa and Normandy, to the rhythm of the monsoon. Leaving your roots, losing your bearings, letting go of one country and adapting to another, with such a colorful culture, then letting that go again, is an experience we've lived as an exploration, a magical and breath-taking adventure!

Masala Colors is a dialogue between two continents close to our hearts, a bridge between two cultures, remarkable encounters, meaningful and life-enhancing exchanges.



Masala Colors is a dialogue between two continents precious to our hearts, a bridge between two cultures, extraordinary meetings, enriching and precious exchanges.




Beyond the colors and impressions, there is also the invitation to a more inner journey, one to discover the beauty of a living world, the links, the messages, the symbols and to sense the underlying intelligence of the world we all share. The idea is to use these pictures to link the present with the emergence of a new field, a field of conscience that reflects the more universal, ongoing changes, of an increasingly fragile planet, the reality of a more vulnerable world.







Wonderment, gentleness, childhood, genuineness, simplicity, transmission, universal perspective, empathy, lightness, implication and seeing clearly through the prism of our hearts...








My aim is for Masala Colors to shine with life, love, compassion and respect.

A soothing balm for the heart, an ode to life, so beautiful and precious!





Let's rise! Let's Masala Colors!


Allocation of funds

How will funds be used ?

All funds raised will be transferred to FL Editions and used for printing of the MASALA COLORS book, by the printers Corlet in Condé-sur-Noireau, in a French region called Swiss-Normandy.

Committed to sustainable development, Corlet use paper from forests managed under the PEFC label (Pan European Forest Certifications), 100% recycled paper, vegetable-based inks for OFFSET printing presses, alcohol-free dye baths, biodegradable films for transportation.


This hard-covered bound book, format 21x21cm, composed of 96 pages (Munken lynx paper, 170g) with 86 visuals will have a print run of 300 copies.


MASALA COLORS will be available from early October 2018 at a cost of 32€.


To date the layout and texts are almost finalized.

If the amount raised is higher than anticipated, we plan to organize an exhibition of photos from Masala Colors and/or to increase the print run to 500 books.

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