Mastering et tirage CDs pour Travelling Day


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Thursday, December 27, 2012
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Travelling day

For the release of my third album, I would like to use the services of a mastering engineer for high quality sound ;-) and would like to burn 500 copies of the final CD (for a start).

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Mastering et tirage CDs pour Travelling Day

Hey Grandma!

How is life? What about Grandpa's sleep? Snorting again? Grandma, I come to you with breaking news! I eventually found what to do with my life Grandma, it's electronic music! You always ask me when I will eventually find a job and marry a girl... that's it Grandma, I will marry trip-hop. It's electronic music. No, it's not what you think, it's a very diversified music, and yes, you can even have church singers in this music, can you believe that? You can have ANYTHING... I mean all that matters. Trip-hop and me already seduced few ears with our own travel agency called Travelling Day. It's been three years already that we created that agency with two main trips that you can discover for yourself:


                                              NO Reflection




                                             Extended play




To be honest, I need your help Grandma. You know that any wedding doesn't go without a honey moon! My music and me would like to go for a trip of 12 to 14 tracks, and you know that this kind of trip is costly. We wish to make use of an airline that does mastering, so that the trip be the most pleasant possible with any sound system. A mastering Grandma, it's the passport to a kick ass sound... hum I mean that will thrill your ears! This trip will be named EXPEDITE! For this project to see light, I need your help to pay the mastering and burning the CDs. If you want you can take a look at my last babies, they will be part of the trip:


Smoking Dog by Travelling Day


Lolie pop by Travelling Day

Allocation of funds

Mastering costs roughly 650€ and burning 500 CDs costs 600€. A 1250€ it's not so expensive, is it? What do you think Grandma? If you love me... I mean, if you want to help me, you can contribute to the trip and even join us! We will send you a CD. You just need to send a little contribution through KissKissBankBank. If Grandpa's nose surgery is too expensive, you still can talk your friends appreciating my music into joining the future trip, it's always worth it! Thanks! Your grand son aka Travelling Day

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