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MATH COST, a new World

PRESENTATION My name is Mathieu Cousturié, stage name MATH COST. I am 27 years old and currently live in Toulouse, France. Music has always been an intrinsic part of me. I started playing guitar when I was 11 and piano at 13. My parents offered me some lessons but I didn't enjoy playing other people's songs. I would rather learn to compose on my own. When I was 18, my father gave me my first computer music software (Ableton, "computer music" software). Everything became possible. The melodies, rhythms and songs I had been thinking about since childhood could finally come to life. At the time, my musical tastes were mixed. I liked classical music for its harmony, rock for its punch and passion and electro for its new, invigorating and danceable side. I mixed a little bit of everything and that gives today my musical style which allows me to express my emotions and to communicate my energy. At the age of 20, I obtained a BTS in Management and Marketing. From the age of 20 until I was 25, I worked in season at the edge of the ocean, at an ice cream parlour, in Soulac-sur-mer. I was a waiter for 6 months and then devoted my time and money to my music for the other 6 months. In parallel to that, I hosted a few parties, but preferred to spend time on creation as long as I didn't have any solid tracks yet. In 2018, I went to study for 6 months in Paris at a Music School (Dj Network) where I could deepen my knowledge. Sociable and cheerful by nature! I remain a rather melancholic boy who feels the suffering of the world like a thorn that sinks in day by day. But this is also the source of my strength. And thanks to it, I always have at heart to defend the most vulnerable. I aim to make my surroundings and everything I touch stronger and better. I was lucky enough to go to the other side of the world, to Indonesia, for two months. I saw extreme poverty but I also saw kindness, joy and a way of treating others that when I returned to France, I didn't want to stay there anymore. Today, I have acquired nearly 300 ideas, 50 demos, 4 video clips, about thirty music releases and a dozen or so stages to my credit. I have the feeling to have reached the mastery of my "artistic paste", well aware that it will always be refined. I am currently working at my father's house in a room that I have been able to transform into a small studio. I produce and record my tracks there. I am a very creative person and I use my music to transmit my energy and all my love. Achievements : You're in my mind: In 2020, I teamed up with a producer and together we directed my first music video entitled "You're in my mind" with the beautiful Eva Mikulski, model and actress. Synopsis: Eva represents my inner self with whom I am trying to get in touch. This hidden message of spirituality is further revealed in the second and third installments of the Butterfly trilogy with "New Day" and "Butterfly". (These tracks are available on streaming platforms) Within these three titles, I seek to highlight the spiritual transformation that can be achieved by comparing it to the Butterfly. The caterpillar is born, discovers itself and seeks to know who it is. (You're in my mind) It confronts life and encounters difficulties. It then locks itself up in the darkness (its cocoon) where it tries to tame itself by fighting against its own fears. (New Day) Once she has done so, she emerges from her shell transformed, purified of her fears and shining like a Butterfly. Then, she travels through life with a new look and full of light. (Butterfly) "When the light shines, the darkness moves away" Besides, who has ever wanted to hurt a butterfly? Here is the link of the Vidéo : Then, I innovated by creating PRESTANCE; A music where Electro and RAP are mixed. For 2 years, I was victim of injustice and harassment. I lost a lot of friends and found myself all alone. I really was. It was a part of me that had to blossom and made me stronger. I had a choice: Be alone in the world and keep fighting for my project. Or to lose all faith in humanity and resign myself to putting a veil in front of me as many do today. But I realised that by doing this, my soul would lose a lot and that after a certain age, I would feel that I had failed in my life. I would have missed out on my dreams, my convictions and what I was fighting for. So I opted for the first option and am proud today to be more determined than ever. "The further you go in one direction, the further away you get from another." Today, I realise that in our society, many of us have this fear of being alone so as not to have to face our own demons and conscience. Some may be ready to do anything to stay surrounded as to change their personality and lose their soul little by little. I took this "bad" phase of my life as a gift that allowed me to integrate that we must face our fears. Because if we let them take up too much space, we end up becoming the shadow of ourselves without realising it. It is these same fears that are now affecting the whole world. Overconsumption, the decline of biodiversity, of nature, this incessant power struggle, the injustices... Today, we are fighting without even really knowing why. It's confusing when you see the chances we have to be happy together and make the world healthy. One DAY: Afterwards, I made other projects like: "One day" which mixes a Pop part with progressive RAP. In this song I talk about my unconditional love and support for the world, which is a big family to me. This vidéo was shot and edited in less than 24 hours ! (One day) This summer I made "2021" a personal challenge "one mix per week" for 3 months. One of the tracks has been signed by the label MOJOHEADZ RECORDS. I leave a spotify link of the playlist including this challenge. AS FAR AS THE PROJECT IS CONCERNED: Today, I realize that I lack financial means and help to communicate my titles and that it is not easy to bring new chords, melodies and especially a new form of thinking... I would like to build a team, to play on stage, in festivals ... to be able to make my music live through people. To touch them in the depths of their souls, whether at home, on the bus or, better still, in concert. To give them a message. Conqueror and Pacifist at heart, I quickly understood that music was a universal language, and that it would be, for me, the means to make peace between people and our world possible. I am the kind of person who thinks that every little act has its repercussions (Butterfly effect) and that the energy put into everything is of paramount importance. I assume that everything is possible. It's all a question of will and concessions. The idea of the project is to get funding from you ! which would allow me to record an album and to promote it. In return, you will have gifts like the first title of the album in preview, the signed album or tickets for my first concert! (Counterparties are located at the top right of the page) The amount to be reached is 8,000 Euros. If the amount is reached, it’s incredible. I can record my album. If the sum reaches more than 8,000 Euros, I could promote the Album which seems to me indispensable to reach new people. If the sum does not reach 8,000 Euros, I will have nothing and all the money will be returned to the contributors. (More information in the section "Allocation of funds" at the bottom of the page) PS: if your financial situation is complicated but you want to help me, you can talk about my project around you and share it on the networks. MY WAY OF THINKING For me, the world is one big Family. My dream is to see a united world. This is my struggle. "The investor understood that by investing his money, he could have more. Man has still not understood that to receive Love, one must give it" Life is a fight. If you justify your state of mind or your negative actions by "someone did this to me" or "this happened to me", you have ... lost! Never let anyone, your own family, friends or any situation negatively affect you. Don’t let the positive seeds you planted in yourself without water. We all have a history. Make your suffering a strength for you and others. Does "divide and conquer" mean anything to you? This strategy to control the world is the most effective, but the worst. The greatest dictators have used it and we continue to draw inspiration from it through the individualism that now reigns. We still do not understand the lesson. We live, anxious to increase our pleasure or our personal ascension, in spite of the negative repercussions that this can generate. The information, which is available to everyone today, leaves room for a voluntary and selective unconsciousness that puts a brake on our empathy. These individualistic thoughts often result in fictitious and temporary personal satisfaction for enormous counterparties such as the decline of our world or our values for which some of our ancestors, I remind you, gave their lives. We have lost the sense of duty and the strength to love. Let us take the example of commerce, which teaches us to use manipulation to "sell". It is no longer a question of identifying a need, but of creating it. We voluntarily exploit people’s weaknesses and consciously, especially emotionally, to achieve our ends. Why should we be surprised that we close our hearts and that all the miseries of our world flow from it? This is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous to fake or allow yourself to feel compassion for those who are suffering when we ourselves are primarily responsible for all of this. We must feel guilty. Let’s feel guilty about being where we are. To see our neighbor sitting on the ground, to see nature degrade like this, to live in a "rotten" world. I know it’s painful to feel that way. But thanks to him we will act on our scale and gain inner peace which is the key to happiness. We have locked ourselves in collective fears that make us what we are today. Beings fleeing our responsibilities, preferring to put a veil before us rather than to act. Let us take the time to listen to what our soul and nature tell us. Let us rise together. "It’s normal to follow the movement to feel like you exist. But when the movement goes against what our soul dictates, we have a moral duty to oppose it" Take time to think. Let’s take some time for ourselves. Let us isolate ourselves from time to time to make sure that we agree with ourselves. To be in touch with our soul because it is it that guides us towards what we want. Run away from those who tell you never to be alone or impose yourself. Either they’re afraid to be because they don’t want to face their own demons. Or they manipulate you. In any case, whether you like it or not, life will catch up with you and force you to meditate alone. Remember Steves Jobs' last speech. 'In the end, wealth is just something I’ve gotten used to. At this moment, lying on my hospital bed, and remembering my whole life, I realize that all the gratitude and wealth in which I have taken so much pride, have faded and become insignificant in the face of impending death." The others will not be with you in the grave, but they will continue to offer to the world the seeds you have made germinate in them. Then make sure it’s the right ones. This is what is important when we think that the world is a big family and that we are aware that the Earth is our home. "Power implies responsibility" Let’s start by opening our hearts to ourselves. Let us love one another. Let us love the child in us, for he alone has a true heart. Then we can love others properly. From then on, it will be unbearable to see someone else suffer and we will act accordingly rather than having this state of mind of "everyone for himself". Remember Karaba, the witch in Kirikou. When the poisoned thorn in her back is taken from her by the child, she becomes again at peace with herself and can therefore radiate again. Think of the thorn as your own suffering and take away the grace from the child in you. We must feel responsible for the energy that passes through us. "Just because things aren’t visible doesn’t mean they don’t exist." Each energy received or sent at a price that we pay at a given time. It is the Laws of Balance and/or Karma for those who are followers of this Hindu concept. In this sense, freedom is a utopia. Freedom is the possibility of acting without constraint. However, if we take into account this universal Law, it is totally impossible. Those who live only in the present will ignore the consequences of their actions. Those who live through the past will be unhappy. And those who live in the future will not have lived. The future projects us, the past allows us to understand and the present allows us to live. If we ignore one of these three temporal phases, we are lost, unable to understand our ills and we take the rest of the world with us. Image credit : a Polish artist We have a duty to make a difference. Life is hard, man. To think that it is the fault of others is the door to the underworld that opens to us; Because the truth is that everything starts from us. Everything starts with the way we think, act and react to situations that we cannot control. If you are facing injustices and you can fight in a pure way do it. But don’t transform yourself just to win a battle. Be patient, stay on your way. The energy sent always comes back and one day the person who caused an injustice will pay the price. Besides, isn’t that what we’re paying for? To see our world slowly destroyed? Let us open our eyes and evolve. The world can and must shine. "Darkness does not drive away darkness. It is the light that drives them away." What we lack is a common goal. Inevitably, individualism has the opposite of the collective, so it is difficult to conceive of a common goal. If your adage is "the end justifies the means" then you are in the wrong place at all. Each act has its importance and transforms us. If we use the same means as those we criticize, hate, to achieve our ends, we are no better than they are. We must fight for a better, healthier world. Trust rather than fear. Fight for love rather than hate. Let us be the ramparts of this world, let us be strong and proud, let us be just and Good. Let’s radiate, together. "Love leads to peace and hate leads to war" The link with music and our world I like to think that music reflects the heart of our world. It makes sense of what you feel, who you are and what you do. She is the one who is used to dress up a movie, a video game, a party and many other things ... It connects us to our soul, to what we feel and to others. Music can have a huge impact on our thoughts and it makes sense since our thoughts flow from what we feel. See a person’s style, way of thinking, way of life and compare it to what they are listening to. Most of the time, you will see that everything coincides. During my trip to Indonesia, I remember being surprised by the country’s cultural music. It is so in symbiosis with the Country itself that it is mesmerizing ! In fact, music has such a strong impact on society that it can be used as a weapon ... (Advertising, Big Box Trading, Commercial Music, Gathering, Raising Awareness) Do you realize that in large areas, music depends on attendance? If there are people, the music will be more dynamic, inviting us to accelerate our movements in order to "stir more people". If the store contains few customers, the music will be quieter, softer, inviting us to take the time and thus give in to the temptation by buying more. How can society evolve favorably with these forms of thought? "The greatest musics, those that hold back after generations, see after centuries, have been composed with heart and soul" Acknowledgements : Thank you for taking the time to read my project. I hope that he has awakened something in you and that you will want to listen to me and follow me. I hope that you will help me to make my first album which is hopeful for me. See you in your ears ✨🦋

Allocation of funds

8,000 Euros - Working on the design and recording of my first album. 15,000 Euros - Promote it and make a video clip. 20,000 Euros - Strengthen the communication of my project. - You will choose a music to clip from the album. 30,000 to ... ✨ - Set up a team to accompany me in my project. * 8% KissKissbankbank fee


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