Mathilde's Kitchen - A short story about French pâtisserie

Help us to move French pâtisserie in Coventry!

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Mathilde's Kitchen - A short story about French pâtisserie

Once upon a time...

               Mathilde and Bob, a French couple, who decided to change their life...




What was their dream? They wanted to go from the other side to the channel to create their café pâtisserie! 


But in the real life we can never do anything alone, that's why WE NEED YOU!


                                                So let's go! 





First of all, Mathilde's Kitchen it's the desire to discover the taste of French food.


Our objectives?


To offer quality products with affordable prices.

To introduce and to promote French food.

To create a place accessible to everybody.

To create a landmark venue for the French community.


Mathilde's Kitchen will be the first French coffee in Coventry. 




Our website under construction:


                           Mathilde's Kitchen website


We will offer you a warm and friendly place. Come and enjoy a wide range of French products: pastries, bread, cold drinks and hot drinks, salads, sandwiches,... There will be someting for everyone and every budgets!




Below you will find the address and a map about our coffee/pâtisserie ( some news will come soon)




The hurry people may take it away and the other one will have the opportunity to eat in. The atmosphere of this place will be typically French, decorate with antique furniture from France.  

Fireplace, sofas, newspaper, vinyl corner where people can choose what they want to hear, 

We think about every details which make a friendly place where our guests will feel good!



Allocation of funds

We found our place, some items have been already purchased (the coffee machine is sleeping in our bedroom with us, waiting for a place in the coffee shop), we started to renovate the place but we need some other things..


That's why we need you!

Every penny will go directly into this project


To be more concrete:




To be MORE concrete:




Diswasher -  1600 euros




Freezer 1200 Ltr - 1200 euros




Fridge display - 2000 euros


If we exceed the amount requested, we will allow ourselves to cover other expenses ( example above pyramid )




                         THANK YOU FOR SHARING


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