Mayotte plus propre - par et pour ses habitants !!!

Let's protect the beautiful lagoon of Mayotte with an intelligent refuse collection and sustainable exchanges by and for the inhabitants !

Project visual Mayotte plus propre - par et pour ses habitants !!!
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Mayotte plus propre - par et pour ses habitants !!!

After ten years away from Mayotte, I am finally back with my wife and my three children! I can clearly see that the waste issue is yet to be sorted out on the island. It has actually got worse despite the effort of certain people. Thousands of cans fill the streets and often end up in the lagoon when it rains. Paradoxically action has been taken to have this very same lagoon designated a UNESCO world heritage site!


So we have all these unexploited resources and at the same time outrageous poverty, which means that thousands of people struggle to have the bare minimum.





So YES WE CAN NETTE is a project carried out for and with the inhabitants ! 




And it works!!


But how does it work? 


We have created a sustainable shop that gathers people together. 


The inhabitants have access to food and basic necessities for a ridiculously low cost.


They pay for their purchases with used cans!


The inhabitants become both consumers and activists! 




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Barack Obama's "yes we can!" slogan has inpired us. And as the French for can is cannette we have decided with a couple of friends that "Yes we can... nettes"!  The filth that is all around us in many areas is not a fatality and we are willing to take up the challenge of eliminating the overwhelming piles of cans that pollute our streets, our mangroves and our stunning lagoon. 


YES WE CAN NETTE is a sustainable community shop that gathers people together! The inhabitants pick up the cans that are lying everywhere both in public and natural spaces and bring them to our Cavani shop located in Mamoudzou, Mayotte's capital city. They can then, for a ridiculously low price, buy food like in any other shop, keep their dignity and be proud of being in an area that is becoming cleaner and that helps people acquire a new positive habit : making sure of not leaving their cans just anywhere!




New photo by Laurent BeaumontGoogle Photos - the inhabitants are bringing cans.


We plan on providing more than just food. We want to offer second-hand clothes donated voluntarily. We also want to make it possible for people to make phonecalls in exchange of a few cans. Other services will be provided later.




New photo by Laurent BeaumontGoogle Photos - Mayotte's landscape is being destroyed because of all the waste! 


Allocation of funds

Our project is to help the poorest populations of Mayotte.


Schedule : our project has already started significantly but we have to make sure it remains sustainable as we haven't received any support so far from the government.


The fund-raising aims at :


- Funding the food given in exchange of cans such as rice, cans, flour, sugar, sardines as well as basics like soap, and personal hygiene products... €4 500 per year (this distribution has already started)


- Buying a phone and a monthly subscription to allow inhabitants to make phonecalls in exchange of recyclable waste as well as a very modest sum. €500 per year. Deadline : July. 



Please keep in mind that YWCN does not have any employees. All our members are volunteers. 



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