MEA "Demi Maux" Le Clip

A new project, a new name and a first videoclip : MEA a Swiss artist.

Project visual MEA  "Demi Maux"  Le Clip
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MEA "Demi Maux" Le Clip

Who is MEA ?

From a very young age, I was drawn to art in all forms. I had an abundance of creativity which expressed itself firstly through painting, dancing, and acting before I finally found my voice in music.

Born in Dublin to an Irish mother and Swiss father, I was raised multiculturally in France. This, combined with my curiosity for different styles of music, allowed me to discover the range and endless possibilities in music as I experimented with jazz, blues, electro, and pop. After many jam sessions, underground performances and competitions, I wanted to push myself further and chase the next musical path. Finding my own two feet, I took up singing lessons and began writing my own songs.

I was known under the alias Megan Leah with 5 songs available on all platforms:

Meeting my current producer, Mikilabellevie, was crucial to my artistic direction, as emphasized by my new song “Tête Ailleurs”. It is my first French track and has been available since April 30th on all platforms. I am very proud to announce that it’s been played on several Swiss radios since (RTS La Première, RougeFM, etc.)

Here is my first radio interview on RougeFM (in 3 parts) :

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

After many years of writing and singing in English, I found myself growing comfortable and even playful with the French language. Needing to establish myself and start a new musical chapter, I changed my stage name to MEA. This choice additionally enables me to dissociate my artistic identity from my private life.

Today, I finally feel ready to begin the creation of my very first music video. For its completion, I need to call on you and your generosity. My second track called "Demi Maux" sits close to my heart, therefore it is important for me to make it come to life through images. As this was not possible for my first song, due to budget restrictions, I am counting on you to be part of my team this time ❤️

What is this video clip about ?

I’ve been lucky enough to have met some lovely people in Lyon, with whom I have been collaborating in the creation of my MEA persona. I will be carrying out this project with them,  but this time, YOU will have the main helping role. With your support, we will be able to give ourselves the means to bring our ideas to life with quality content.

Here is a short summary of the upcoming expenses for the best outcome within budget:

Allocation of funds


How will the Crowdfunding will be used ?

If the campaign is successful, all technical and artistic fees will be covered, of which 8% will be given to the KissKissBankBank platform. This is an opportunity to support art throughout this difficult time.


Of course, to thank you, I have some original MEA goodies for you. You can discover the visual we’ve chosen for “Tête Ailleurs” and find it printed on your very own Tote bags:

If the fundraising exceeds €4000, the money will be used to solidify this continued adventure, promote the clip and create the next one.

This is why I need your help, because I can’t do it on my own <3

How to participate ?

Don't worry, the website guarantees data security for users.

If times are difficult for you too, know that every share and any kind of engagement counts.
As I always say, « it is with every little drop that we form oceans » 🐳
I hope that you will enjoy this project. I promise to surprise you with its story, one that will live on within you!

A massive thank you for your support and for embarking on this adventure with me ❤️  

Lots of love,




Zerokatre - Director :


Studio Morse - Creation Studio :


Laurette - Make Up Artist :


Roxane - Hair Stylist :


Julien Jauffret - Camera :

Julian Guillen

🎁 For those who were brave enough to read the whole thing, here is an exclusive preview of my next track " Demi Maux" 


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