Mécanismes Pour Une Entente - European artistic laboratory project

Summer artistic workshop, crossing 4 Central-East Europe countries. 2 months of creation and exchanges along an interrupted train line.

Project visual Mécanismes Pour Une Entente - European artistic laboratory project
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Mécanismes Pour Une Entente - European artistic laboratory project

Mechanisms for an Entente is transnational and transdisciplinary project, in which artists, philosophers, historians, sociologists, journalists and students, from diverse cultures, countries and generations, are invited to create a collective and multiform artwork.  


The center of the reflection and the research is a former railroad line allowing, still a few years ago, to connect Bucharest (Romania) to Warsaw (Poland). This line - recently disused - offers to our participants an ideal onset for an artistic, philosophic and political reflection on the history, the current state and the future of a Central Europe at the heart of the European Union.  




The project is constituted by three big phases:   


- the first one, begun in May, 2012 and ending in June, 2013, offered one time of research and development to participants in residency  as well as open studios settled in the School of Fine Arts of Cracow, which allowed us to start a research work that will be used during the summer workshop.  


- The second phase will begin in July, 2013, with an active and mobile workshop in the course of which the participants will browse the railroad line during two months. From Bucharest, they will cross Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, then Poland until an end stop in Warsaw at the end of August, 2013.  


The route is conceived as an initiatory course, allowing the learning of the cultures and the countries crossed thanks to projections of movies, conferences, performances and workshops organized during all the journey. The convoy will stop in Cluj, Budapest, Košice, Plaveč, Nowy Sącz and Warsaw. It is for this determining project's phase that we invite you to participate. Your donation is essential for the final realization of that active phase. This is the ultimate moment, where all the previous year's researches and collective reflections will be activated on the ground.




Agata Dutkowska PL Sociologist

Alexis Emery-Dufoug  FR Intern EBABX

Beáta Kolbašovská SK Artist

Cristina David RO Artist

Desmesure collective / Agathe & Fred FR Architect& Photographer

Edyta MĄSIOR PL Artist

Filip Przybyłko PL student

Gruppo Tökmag / András & Tamás HU Artist

Guillaume du Boisbaudry FR Philosophe

Jarosław Wójtowicz PL student

Joanna Bednarczyk PL student

Judit Kurtág HU Artist

Kubo Pisek SK Artist László Milutinovits HU Historian

Lujza Magova SK Artist

Lukasz Jastrubzak PL Artist

Małgorzata M. Dudek PL Intern

Marek Mardosewicz PL Intern

Marta Jonville FR Artist

Mathieu Lericq FR Movie curator

Nils Clouzeau FR Intern EBABX

Palce Lizac - Dominika & Barbara PL Architect

Paul Maquaire  FR Intern EBABX

Roman Dziadkiewicz PL Artist

Seydou Grépinet FR Videast

Simon Quéheillard FR Artist

Stefan Tiron RO Artist

Thomas Desmaison  FR Sociologist

Tomas Matauko FR Artist

Valérie de Saint-Do FR Journalist /writter






- the last phase will allow the return of the realizations during exhibitions planned in France and in Poland, from November, 2013 till May, 2014.  

Allocation of funds

One goal : the summer workshop ! ☼☼☼


7 town // 32 participants, artistes and scientists // 2 months  --->  to re-connect the line 


For the travel from Bucharest to Warsaw we need you to allow the workshop to exist completely !


Program // inprogress

This program is designed to stimulate discussion around the train line, the history of Central-East Europe and develop together the collective work. The Program is under construction, but we can already say there will be In each town we will stop: -Kino_wagon -Performances in public spaces -Lectures


Some dates  // 

-July 1 : arriving in Bucarest, Roumanie

-july 5 departure to Cluj, Roumanie

-July 10 departure to Budapest, Hongrie

-July 15 departure to Kosice, Slovaquie

-July 20 departure to Plaveč, Slovaquie

-August 20 departure to Nowy Sącz, Poland

-August 27 departure to Warsaw, Poland

-August 31, everybody go home



1st July 2013 arrival in Bucharest for participants


* 1 July


7 pm  Introducing “Mécanismes pour un entente” Marta Jonville & Tomas Matauko – project designers Bucharest, Romania


* July 2 


7 pm (inauguration) kino_wagon # 1 / / BORDER ISSUES ⊥ Olena Elzbieta Benkowska (PL) – 2013-17 min. ⊥ Morgen by Marian Crisan (RO) – 2010 – 100 min. French Institute in Bucharest


* July 3


2 pm Visit of Bucharest by Vasi Hirdo


* July 4


6 pm Barcode / / Performance Jakub Pisek & Beáta Kolbašovská Bucharest / / Romania




* July 5


Departure to Cluj by train / projections and Debates on the train Bucharest Cluj


* July 6-9 


Kino_wagon # 2 / / STATIONS AND HAZARDS IN POLAND ⊥ Station Krzysztof Kieslowski (PL) – 1980 – 12 min. ⊥ Dworzec Gdański Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz (PL) – 2007 – 55 min. ⊥ Luksus Jarosław Sztandera (PL) – 2009 – 39 min. Cluj Romania


Kitchen Stories // Fabrica de Pensule / cluj Cluj Romania


* July 10 Departure to Budapest


* July 10


4 pm : Budapest sightseeing by Vincent Leigey / visit of undergound Budapest


* July 11


9 am Walk in Budapest with Barbara Nawroka // PALCE LIZAĆ


1 pm Pic Nic with Barbara Nawroka // PALCE LIZAĆ


4 pm. Meeting / discussion with Hélène Bienvenu / Bakelit Multiart center


* July 12


3 pm Meeting / discussion with Corentin Leotard (Hulala), László Milutinovits and Guillaume du Boisbaudry (la revue necessaire) The Szalon – Budapest


7 pm kino_wagon # 3 / / VITAL MEMORY ⊥ Silence and cry Miklós Jancsó (HU) – 1968 to 1973 min. French Institute in Budapest


* July 13 4 p.m. Meeting with the band « The fatal train »  and exchange of our experiences of homelessness in Central Europe followed by Bal of July 14. French Institute in Budapest


* July 14 17: 00 – PALCE Lizac / / Presentation Kino_Wagon Concert & party Closing Budapest party in Bakelit Multiart Center




* July 15


Departure for Kosice

The program in Kosice is designed by Tabacka KulturFabrik that we have not yet passed, but we know it is provided.


* July 16/17


kino_wagon # 4 / / WORKERS AND FARMERS ⊥ Musicians Sunday Kazimierz Karabasz (PL) – 1960 – 9 min. ⊥ Day bread Sergei Dvortsevoy (UK) – 1998 to 1954 min. Location: Garden-cinema / Kosice (tbc)


* July 20


Departure to the border // Plavec


* July 22


8 am Nils Clouzeau / Jogging  performance on the railway Plavec, Slovakia


* July 27


7 pm Nils Clouzeau’s dinner / performance Plavec Slovakia


* July 31


7 pm  Jakub Taczanowski & Marta Jonville / / maping process performance Plavec Slovakia


* August 1


10 am Jakub Taczanowski – History of trains in Galicia


* August 8


7 pm Nils Clouzeau’s dinner / performance Plavec Slovakia


* August 18


7 pm Nils Clouzeau’s dinner / performance Plavec Slovakia


* August 20


Departure for Nowy Sacz, Poland


* August 21-23


kino_wagon # 5 / / RUMORS OF THE PAST

⊥ The presence of Miklós Jancsó (HU) – 1965 – 30 min.

⊥ Diary Márta Mészáros (HU) – 1984-102 min. 

Nowy Sacz-BWA Sokol




* August 27  Departure to Warsaw, Poland


* August 28-29

kino_wagon # 6 / / TERMINUS PARADISE

⊥ Earth (Zem) Viktor Kubal – 1966-8 min.

⊥ The Loves of a Blonde (Lásky jedné plavovlásky) (CZ / SK) by Miloš Forman – 1965 -

Warsaw – Poland




* July 21 -22 -23

Intercultural Learning workshops / Milutinovits László 

The aim of this program element is to introduce the most important aspects of intercultural communication for participants through a series of workshops.


•     to work with experiential methods on intercultural topics, to let the participants experience situations that model real-life problems of intercultural communication

•    to learn about the experiential cycle of non-formal learning by David A. Kolb

•     to discuss the workshop experience and try to find its connections to communication situations during the summer program of the project

•    to learn about the theory of intercultural learning

•    to discuss and learn about different understandings and models of “culture”


The workshop uses a variety of interactive methods to involve all the participants, and combines experiential and non-verbal activites with plenary and small-group discussions.


july 26 – august 10


//during the April residency we’ve been researching the issues of mental homelessness through permanent travel /we called our project NO-HO-USE/, the travel itself as a lifestyle /drift, nomadism/; we’ve been transforming unusual public spaces /eg. railway station platform/ to cosy, comfort zones; organizing night walks to make city-tales and providing drifts. //for the summer workshops we’re planning to continue our NO-HO-USE idea, treating the journey (travelling process) as a kind of habitation; confronting the artifacts of habitation (what do you need to feel like home?) with the other participants, especially artists from Romania, Hungary and Slovakia/ regarding objects, sounds, environment and so on. //we’re planning some interventions in urban space as well, we’re researching media of behavior art: with the ephemeral effects (changing someone’s perspectives, minds etc.) we can deal with different media, also architectural ones



We thus suggest you supporting us so that all the team ofthe artists, the researchers and the students can participate in the project, and that the humanist and progressive objectives of this one can become a reality.


And if you wish to participate in the journey we suggest you consulting the program here

We would thus be delighted to receive your help in this objective and so to count you among the actors of this project


It is so with pleasure that we invite you to follow the current events of the project on our site and on our blog.

You can acquaint with various already led actions there (Air Prog, Open Studio, Action, Kino Wagon  lectures  and articles) You will find finally all the information there concerning the participants, the organizing team and the partners.  

Your participation will help to finance the production of the collective work, the participants, the speakers and the travels.


Come up with us in the train !


The Mechanisms for an Entente's team // Thomas, Erwan, Tomas and Marta.






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