MEDVED "le mangeur de miel"

Hold up 2 youngs reals in a documentary project about the place of large predators, between France and Slovenia two visions of wildness.

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MEDVED "le mangeur de miel"

In few words, a project about bears reintroduction which become the black hole gathering obstacles and solutions about wild issue and Human place in nature.

A documentary mixing classic and graphic, reflection and elementary, animal and human.







"In France, bear gets the medal of endangered specie, but his reintroduction is controversy. In Slovenia, the animal is thirty times more present and keep his majesty.

How to mix the emergency of biodiversity protection and humans needs. Understand the foundation of wild fear. Demystify bear of his predator role, a scapegoat of a chimerical debate. Detect, through of authentic portraits, the evolution of human thought about nature.


Woodcarver, trapper, artist, farmer, photographer, on a mystery background, revealing. So, animal, wild or reality fear?"



Crude and artistic, this documentary, by image, using the "beauty", the esthetic, wish to bring to spectators new feelings. Urbanites or residents, for or against bears, young or old, all recover sensitivity and emotion of a return to basis in the modern world.


Wildness, sequences about "extraordinary" subjects, such as the "cave salamander", unusual amphibian and almost unknown, the "giant Danube salmon", colossus of rivers and rapids, the "bobcat", both rare and invisible, allow to engage the subject of a strong problematic. The unknown leads to the fear of wildness which leads to prejudices and obsessions.


Mystical, using scenes more mysterious, intensify public thought for these problematic, ask questions and surprise. 


Characters, because of their strong personalities and their abilities to be and look like ordinary people, despite of their particular lives, foster the debate about Human and Nature. They highlight the evolution of human thought about environment to the change in our society.


Bear, is introduced as a symbol, far from his predator side which sticks to it. Thanks to our technical knowledges about the subject, we would like to bring lot of graphic research and unique point of view. Without anthropomorphism, have an animal picture that show his real appearance of mountain king, forests emblem, in Slovenia as well as in France.





The Team


We are two young film-makers came from an animals, nature,environment documentary formation at IFFCAM. We both made Biology studies, and we are particularly interested by close relationship between Humans and Nature.


Camille Okroglič, 28, Midi-Pyrénées:


She is the sensitivity and the aesthetic, a different perspective about nature who disclose all the emotion of wild world. Ethologist, she possesses valuable naturalistic knowledges.


With her slovenian origins, transmitted by Emile her grandfather, Camille has the "good slovenian plans".

Her relations with hunters, fishers, farmers and artists in the country offer us the possibility to make truer documentary, close to the reality.




Slovenian vocabulary: "Medved : Bear" - "Srna : Roe " – "Jelen : Dear"



Jonathan Mas, 25, Languedoc-Roussillon :


He is the curiosity and the adventure, an original and unique vision about the elements around him. He doesn't hesitate to take risks, put himself in difficulties or pass the night in discomfort for a picture in his head.

Artist, nature brings him endless possibilities.


Thanks to his good connection, characters feel confident face the camera and reveal their feelings.




Slovenian vocabulary : "Pershut : Ham" – "Sir : Cheese" – "Zganje : Slovenian alcohol untranslatable".


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Allocation of funds

Make a wild documentary require lot of time and investment.

Despite the importance of bears reintroduction problematic, and more broadly, about the idea of biodiversity protection, the associations and administrations pain to hold up projects financially.

Times is, however, the first resource of a documentary. 


Last June, we work about this film creation. Land spotting, writing, meeting with associations and people, we work to build a project close to reality. Already two round trip in Slovenia to bring pictures of wild animals (bears, wolves, boars, dears, foxes...) in order to achieve the teaser of our project. 


We also went to film the Ptuj Carnival in Slovenia and the Bear Festival in Saint Laurent de Cerdans in Pyrénées, in order to show you some “folk” sequences.

We also broadcast other “mystical”, “wild” and “making of” sequences throughout the collect.


These collect is necessary for our come back to Slovenia, as of many technical and expensive sequences : air shooting, nocturnal and dark places shooting, who are essential to shoot bears, observable only during nightfall and in slovenian caves.




Budget detail:

Moving and housing on 3 months of shooting 2000€

Night shot material 3000€

The access to observation tower and a slovenian guide 500€

Fees of a composer 500€

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