Support the production of the first album from Mélinée the rising star of french chanson in Berlin!

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A french singer with Morocan/jew roots accompanied by a french/scottish guitarist, a german/Egyptian cellist, a german double bass player, an italian pianist and an American drummer, welcome in the mixed universe of Mélinée!



I am going to record my first album in June! To do so I am joined by talented musicians that will make my words and music sparkle! A clip is being edited and Madamd Zik, my agent is working on the promotional front!

I Hope that my songs, colored and enriched by the arrangements of this dream team will convinced you and will also have an impact on the music world ( labels, promoters).


Stay tunes, the clip will arrive shortly!




Mélinée the shooting star of french chanson in Berlin


Discussion backstage at the Corbo ( a venue promoting chanson)  after a gig

With: Corinne Douarre ( singer), Lisa Zenner (artistique director of the Corbo), Aurelie Paita ( Artistique agent), Samira Aly (cellist), Jonathan Bratoëff (guitarist)




Allocation of funds

The money collected will go towards the production of my 1st album


As a taster, a version of “Tango en si” recorded in rehearsal with the musicians that will appear on the album



With the hepl of KKBB I will be able to reach an other level ! Professionnally recorded  the album will showcase my songs  with the  best possible quality  to the public, the labels, the radios and the promoters


The funds collected will help financing

- 5 days in studio

- The musicians


When the album is recorded the mixing and mastering will have to be done as well! We are hoping that a label will press and distribute the project at a later stage!




A fan speaks: "With her accordeon Melinée transports us from a romantique mood to a more humanistique and rebelle view of life and the world. With solid influences her style is pure , her universe intimist and she delivers  spontaneouly and passionately small bits of everyday life full of joy and sorrows"



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