MEMORIES OF MURDER: l'édition vinyle de la musique du film par Taro Iwashirô

A very special edition for a very special film: “Memories of Murder”’s soundtrack to be published in vinyl - world exclusive.

Project visual MEMORIES OF MURDER: l'édition vinyle de la musique du film par Taro Iwashirô
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MEMORIES OF MURDER: l'édition vinyle de la musique du film par Taro Iwashirô

Some films become an obsession. Films you watch over and over again to remind yourself what cinema should always be. Films you end up wanting to possess, knowing all their secrets, even if you will never really so.  

So you decide to make to most beautiful video edition ever; you interview the director, go through his archives to get as close to the creative process - that led to this film you love so much - as you can. And then you start thinking that its heady music will make you feel again the exact sensations you felt when you watched the film for the first time, so you decide to press a vinyl, create an item that will always be by your side, that you will carefully get out of its sleeve and put on the turntable and hear the first notes resonate. This is exactly what we wanted to do with “Memories of Murder”, the film that changed modern thrillers forever.

While we were in South Korea, Bong Joon Ho put us in contact with Tarō Iwashiro who composed the soundtrack. He welcomed our vinyl idea with skepticism. Eventually, he gave in (we like to think our enthusiasm did the trick), and became very excited by the project.

More than anything, we didn’t want to disappoint you or Tarō Iwashiro or Bong Joon Ho. Where should we remaster the soundtrack? Where should we press the vinyl? Who should design the sleeve? We had to act quickly and the result had to be outstanding.

Remastering? Who else but the great Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios?( The record was remastered at 45 RPM for an exceptional sound quality.

Vinyl pressing? At Pallas (, probably the best European manufacturer of vinyl records.

Who to design the sleeve? Our friends at All City Media ( - with whom we have developed the ByNWR platform ( - should be up to the task!

The result of all these efforts is a worldwide limited edition of 1,000 copies: a double gatefold vinyl remastered at 45 RPM, available only via KissKissBankBank.

TARŌ IWAHSIRO: “The idea that the music would reflect the killer’s point of view became a major direction.”

Tarō Iwashiro was famous for his soundtrack for “Kenshin.” My first impression was that his music had both amplitude and soberness. Soberness of feelings and sound was important for “Memories of Murder”: a music that is not over expressive, that doesn’t add tragedy to tragedy…

Bong Joon Ho




 “MEMORIES OF MURDER”, the mediabook (Blu-ray + DVD + booklet, limited edition)

“Memories of Murder”, limited edition, 4K restoration, digibook case including:

  • A Blu-ray of the film
  • A DVD of the film
  • A 40-page behind-the-scenes booklet
  • DVD bonuses:
  1. “Memories, retour sur la scène de crime”, a documentary by Jésus Castro with Bong Joon Ho, Song Kang Ho… (63 mn, worldwide exclusive)
  2. Bong Sound: interview with Choi Tae-Young (14 mn)
  3. Audio comment by Bong Joon Ho, Song Kang-ho, Kim Sang-kyung, Park Noh-sik
  4. Making of 2003 (17 mn)
  5. Interview with Taro Iwashiro (14mn)
  6. 7 deleted scenes commented by Bong Joon Ho
  7. The set (11 mn)
  8. The costumes (12 mn)
  9. Les VFX (5 mn)
  10. 2017 Trailer; 2004 Trailer

Available languages: Korean/ French

Available subtitles: French


“MEMORIES OF MURDER, L’ENQUÊTE”, a book by Stephane du Mesnildot

Memories of Murder, l’enquête, by Stéphane du Mesnildot, Language: French. Format 200mm x 200mm. Bound, lamination, goffering, varnished.

192 pages.

“Memories of Murder” is a unique film. The shooting lasted for almost a year. The director was so immerged in an unsolved investigation that he almost lost his mind. Bong Joon Ho opened his archives: we found rare and never published documents. And we tried to understand...


THE POSTER (small size) of Jay Shaw, numbered and signed by Bong Joon ho

To discover the fabulous work of Jay Shaw, click here :



Our ultimate prize : the result of 7 years of a conscientious and passionate work, to bring back out the movies we love :

Our Blu-ray / DVD :

  • “Memories of Murder” by Bong Joon Ho (2003)
  • “Bleeder” by Nicolas Winding Refn (1999)
  • “Planet of the Vampires” by Mario Bava (1965)
  • “Sorcerer” by William Friedkin (1977)
  • “UTU” by Geoff Murphy (1983)
  • “Seven Samurai” by Akira Kurosawa (1954)
  • “Wake in Fright” by Ted Kotcheff (1971)
  • “Kikujiro” by Takeshi Kitano (1999)
  • “Kids Return” by Takeshi Kitano (1996)
  • “Hana-bi” by Takeshi Kitano (1997)

Our Books :

  • “Memories of Murder, L’enquête”, a book by Stéphane du Mesnildot
  • “Memories of Murder”’s storyboard annotated by Bong Joon Ho (Language: French)
  • “L’art du regard”, a book by Nicolas Winding Refn (texts from Alan Jones)
  • “Sorcerer, sur le toit du monde”, a book by Samuel Blumenfeld (Language: French)

Allocation of funds

This fundraising will be... a test. But let’s be clear, we will press this vinyl no matter what!

What bothers us in nowadays’ commercialization process is the number of middlemen and the poor quality of final products that have no future.

We are giving a lot of thoughts to all this, to local distribution channels, selling only to people who want to buy with exclusive benefits.  

If this test proves to be a success – and you must admit we have chosen a very special item – our editions might become exclusively available here. And we have many, many projects: books, films, vinyls...

Why don’t we develop all these together? Just between us?

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