Menni Jab - Enregistrement du premier EP + clip

I need your support to record my first 6 tracks EP "Chameleon" and to make a beautiful clip that will be released with the EP!

Project visual Menni Jab - Enregistrement du premier EP + clip
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Menni Jab - Enregistrement du premier EP + clip

Hi everybody ! After a year of work and a dozen tracks recorded in my home studio and released on the internet, it is time to move on to the next step: recording a 6-track EP in a professional studio and making a video clip of one of the songs.

To sum up : I am a 24 years old French rapper and I write conscious, poetic and dreamy texts that mix various musical influences such as rap, slam, world music. I write both the lyrics and the instrumentals of my songs, to paint ideas with both notes and words.

About the EP, it will be called "Chameleon". Why ? Because it will describe with many colors the world around us: humans, cities and cultures. There will be 6 songs: 3 unreleased and 3 songs that I decided to rework and re-record because they were important to me and they had their place on this EP.

Allocation of funds

To record an EP and to shoot a videoclip is GREAT ... but it costs quite a little money: in total around € 6,500. This crowdfunding campaign will help me finance about 50% of the project (maybe more!). The rest will be financed by me + a grant from my city

>> Why € 6,500 for this EP + videoclip?

  • € 3,200 to record the EP in professional studio + mixing and mastering
  • € 2,500 to shoot, edit and calibrate the clip
  • € 500 to print CDs + USB sticks containing the EP
  • € 100 to cast the EP on streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, etc.)
  • 200 € for merchandising products and communication (postcards of the album, stickers, etc.)

>> And if we reach more than 100% of the goal?

I'm going on holidays on a beautiful island. No i'm kidding, be a little serious please. If we reach:

  • 125% of the goal: wider promotion of the project
  • 150% of the goal: + more elaborate clip: more time for shooting and post-production
  • 200% of the goal: + additional track will be recorded on the EP
  • More than 200%: you are completely crazy but amazing! We will see at the moment but no worries : i got plenty of ideas!

Alright, I think you uderstood: I really need your help my friends! And the more we manage to raise funds, the more the project will be amazing!

Thank you in advance to all ! You already did great ! :) One love

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